Is ‘The Truth About Dallas’ credible?

As the JFK critical literature continues to grow, we would like to lay out one last time how we arrived at our conclusions, and why we are as confident as ever about what happened during those fateful days in Texas.

With those words, former Warren Commission staffers Howard Willens and Richard Mosk restated the case for why Americans should believe the official theory of JFK’s death.

I invite readers to comment on the findings of Willens and Mosk (which appear in the summer issue of the American Scholar) and why young people should believe them or not.

Howard Willens
Howard Willens, Warren Commission defender

I will publish the five most illuminating and incisive responses as follow-up posts in JFK Facts. These comments will not appear in the Comments section of the site. They will appear as bylined blog posts.

Willens spoke with JFK Facts in September 2016 about his experiences on the Warren Commission. I gave my reaction at that time.

Requirements: You have to read and comment on the entire article, not just the portion that is available for free. Your comment must not be more than 750 words. Responses that include links to relevant documents will receive priority.

Source: The American Scholar: The Truth About Dallas – Howard P. Willens and Richard M. Mosk



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