9 thoughts on “Do Trump supporters believe his bogus JFK theory?”

  1. The Rise of Trump is a fascinating Sociological experiment- This damaged man has illuminated Human behavior in ways that will be studied by great minds for as long as there are people on this planet- Germaine to the JFKA: I could never understand what might motivate a person to vigorously defend the WC and the Lone Assassin story. I assumed it was purely a contrarian spirit coupled with the pursuit of fame or money- And in more insidious instances, a disinformation campaign engineered by advocates of the assassins. Now I believe anyone who thinks similarly is clearly mistaken. More correctly, there are a substantial number of human beings who are rigidly encoded to believe in authority and in leaders. They are faith based and believe in the Politician, Priest, Cop, Teacher to a tragic fault- They are always passionate, sometimes brilliant, and mostly brave. They are the backbone of this country. They will send their children to war without any basis. They will support the intuitions that steal their money and their honor. And they believe that questioning the Government Sanctioned myth about the JFKA is a sacrilege. These are the People who voted for DJT. There was no fact that would suppress their conviction. Ronald Reagan was but a crude precursor to DJT. The DJT voter is the eternal optimist who is hard wired to believe magical happy talk. His polar opposite is likely the gloomy curmudgeon who traffics in sites such as this and cannot fathom how the murders of a US President have come to prosper and thrive from their despicable deed.

  2. Your source for this statement is the New York Times that always upholds the Warren Commission’s myth, so of course they would never consider any “conspiracy theory,” no matter what the evidence.

    1. I’ve never closely followed all things Washington or New York and was recently surprised at their coverage of the state and city’s new favorite son. As well as a Washington Post article condemning them for part of what they said.

  3. I am not a Trump supporter but why are you so sure that the the claim is bogus? Cruz, Sr. was an anti-Castro Cuban so very well could have known Oswald.

    1. What does “could very well have known” mean?
      Sure, its possible Rafael Cruz knew Oswald. It is equally possible he did not. As for evidence that he knew Oswald, there is none. So rather than state an opinion about a conspiracy theory, let’s just describe the evidence: There is no evidence Rafael Cruz knew Lee Oswald.
      That said, we do not know much about what Rafael Cruz was doing in New Orleans in 1963. If he was active in the anti-Castro cause that might–emphasis on the conditional–be relevant to the JFK story. If anyone has information on this point, I’m interested in hearing it.

      1. I think it has to start with the question “Is that photograph really Ted Cruz’ dad?”.

        Then we can go from there.

        Is it possible that he was assisting Oswald in that charade to provoke others who they were interested in?

        Maybe, but it doesn’t mean that Cruz Sr. was involved in the assassination whatsoever.

  4. I’m supporting Trump (only because i despise HC) and i dont believe the Cruz story – very thin evidence and the guy in the picture could be anyone

  5. Jeff—I am not voting for Trump and I believe that the Ted’s father’s alleged connection with Oswald has been totally debunked several times on JFKFACTS.

    It now seems to me that JFKFACTS is repeating the “Trump supporters believe this and that” and “Trump conspiracy theories” mantras so much that it is beginning to smack of partisan political diatribes.

    You have the right to do so as it is your blog but I come here to learn what serious JFK assassination investigators like you are uncovering. I want JFKFACTS to continue to be one of my escapes from TV land’s incessant political subterfuge.

  6. No idea how a Trump voter thinks generally but I would say with regard to 11-22-63 if they believe there’s more to the JFK story than Allen Dulles’ fictional account which covered his role as the architect behind the murder that’s a good thing. Maybe the only rational belief they hold but I’ll take it nonetheless

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