Oswald appeared to be ‘guided by others’

In his response to Thomas Powers review of THE GHOST, Bill Kelly makes a point that Powers is loathe to admit. People who observed Oswald after his defection to the Soviet Union suspected that he had ties to be intelligence world.

“Because Newman and Morley conclude – from the CIA’s own records – that Oswald was an intelligence operative of some kind, Morley asks the reasonable question: was Oswald ‘run’ by Angleton? At present the answer is ‘we don’t know’. But I say if not Angleton, who did ‘run’ Oswald, as someone clearly did,”

“Even John McVicker, the State Department official in Moscow who encouraged Priscilla Johnson to interview the newly arrived ‘defector’ Oswald, and who is not a silly conspiracy theorist, said he believe Oswald appeared to be ‘guided by others’ who ‘encouraged him in his actions’.


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