Speaking Bluntly: A conversation with a leading JFK researcher

Malcolm Blunt, researcher
Malcolm Blunt

In this far-ranging interview, Alan Dale speaks with the esteemed Malcolm Blunt, an independent investigator of the truth with an unbiased instinct for what is important–and what is not –in the details of President Kennedy’s assassination.

No one knows more about the CIA bureaucracy and how it functioned in the Kennedy era than this wise and funny and generous man.

Listen — 2017 JFK:

Blunt is the 1998 recipient of JFK Lancer’s New Frontier Award In appreciation for his contribution of new evidence in furthering the study of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

He is, alas, an Englishman, confirming Toqueville’s apercu, “There are some things that Americans can only learn from a foreigner.

Source: Listen — 2017 JFK

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