Federal judges to hear arguments about CIA JFK files on November 6

Barrett Prettyman Courthouse
Washington DC courthouse where federal judges will hear oral arguments about the CIA’s JFK records.

Oral arguments in my long-running lawsuit for certain CIA records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy will be heard in federal court in Washington on Friday, November 6.

At issue: whether the records forced into the public record by Morley v. CIA over CIA objections have had “public benefit.”

My attorney Jim Lesar has argued in his latest brief that media coverage of the disclosures in the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, Fox News, CBS News Dallas, Christian Science Monitor and other news outlets demonstrates the benefit.

Justice Department attorneys, arguing on behalf of the CIA, have contended that the documents released under court order in 2004 and 2008 have previously been released and have not contributed materially to public understanding of JFK’s assassination.


10 thoughts on “Federal judges to hear arguments about CIA JFK files on November 6”

  1. There is a persistent and troubling pattern of Judge Leon narrowly – if at all – applying the legal tests he is bound to apply in these CIA FOIA cases. How he can think that your litigation has no public benefit, simply beggars belief.
    I will say this, Jeff: if you lose this appeal then there should be an official judicial complaint made about the quality of Judge Leon’s performance on the bench.

  2. On the eve of the latest brief presentation by Jim Lesar, I want to commend Jefferson Morley for seeing this case through to its bitter end. The question is have the papers Morley vs CIA have had any “public benefit”? Hell, a two year old child could almost tell you there has been a public benefit. Mr. Morley and Mr. Lesar must have the patience of Job (from the Bible) to deal with the quibbling that the Justice Department lawyers, who on the behalf of the CIA is arguing this case for the U. S. Government. It is times likes these that I’m not proud of the way our Government spends taxpayers monies like a bunch of drunken sailors. Pay Morley and Lesar the full amount that they are asking.

    1. Roy W Kornbluth

      Ditto to that, Bob.

      Mr. Morley, we are all waiting with bated breath for the news about this outcome. Wouldn’t it be awesome if the MSM trumpeted it? A happy, feel-good story. Something like, “Justice Department appoints Jefferson Morley head executor of all ARRB and CIA records.” A few months later, we are at the dawn of a new Golden Age.

  3. What did the creation of the AARB say about this? The cia will still obfuscate. The people want to know the truth, when given part of it

  4. What about the Fact that the Public, which the Government serves, should have access to this information in a Democracy? Whether the elected and appointed officials deem so or not?

  5. Hope the judge also knows the information you discovered has been included in at least two books by JFK historians – McKnight and Sabato.

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