Bernie Sanders, the CIA, and the national security state

Here’s spot-on Jacob Hornberger vis a vis Bernie Sanders and the state of the national security state in the 2016 campaign

as interesting as Sanders’ position was in the 1970s, what is arguably more interesting is the response to the Politico article by a man named Jeremy Bash, who currently serves an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Source: Sanders, Clinton, the CIA, and the JFK Assassination – The Future of Freedom Foundation

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  1. According to the National Security Archive, Gerald Ford’s White House secretly altered the 1975 Rockefeller report to remove material about CIA assassination plots. According to the report, the Rockefeller team was already somewhat compromised: “The documents show that the leadership of the presidentially-appointed commission deliberately curtailed the investigation and ceded its independence to White House political operatives.”

    Who was the engineer of this secret alteration? None other than one Richard Cheney, Ford’s deputy chief of staff.

  2. The Hornberger article accurately recounts the sordid history of a misguided and delusional component of American Foreign (now domestic) policy: the CIA and the National Security State. I think we are in the throes of a Constitutional Crisis, namely, that a Fascist column parading as National Security has usurped our government, and poses an imminent and grave danger to our Constitutional liberties and existence. The Watchmen (press) have been co-opted and lulled to sleep by undeniable CIA-Media coalescence and quid pro quo.
    Mr. Hornberger unabashedly identifies the unholy triumvirate comprising the National Security State. It is an extra-constitutional branch of a government no longer pretending to be any form of recognizable democracy envisioned by the framers of the US Constitution. The two Presidents warning the citizenry of the dangers of the National Security State were eminently qualified to sound the alarm. Truman signed into law legislation creating the CIA, and Eisenhower was Commander of Allied Forces (Europe) during WWII. One President (JFK) withstood the madness of the National Security State apparatus by steadfastly refusing to march to the beat of their collective dictates: war at any costs (lives and dollars) or consequences (toppled foreign democracies, assassinations and domestic unrest, slow undoing of constitutional liberties, fomenting wars and terrorist cells). I tis obvious no one person can take on the National Security State, but the citizenry can. It must start with a Supreme Court challenge to the legitimacy of the permanent American National Security State, one historically opposed to national sovereignty, and favors Fascist dictatorial regimes over democratically elected governments both domestically and abroad.

  3. One has to assume that domestic intelligence agencies have a dossier on potential candidates. And it would not suprise me that HRC would be rated as “willing to play ball” and that BS would be rated as ‘manageable”. On the other hand, Mr. Trump: Per:

    In my opinion, there may be some parallels relevant to this site, i.e. the actions of a security state versus (potential) Presidential command.

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