10 questions about the still-secret JFK records

JFK blogger Bill Kelly has ten questions about the still secret JFK files uncovered by Michael Ravnitsky and WhoWhatWhy, and reported by Politico.

Some can be answered but some can’t. See Number 4.

Bill Kelly’s questions:

1) How many records are still being withheld?

2) How many agencies are involved and how many are being withheld from each agency?

3) Why are there so many described as “illegible”? Why were they withheld and why did ARRB agree to withhold them?

4) How many Warren Commission records are still being withheld? The zero answer previously provided by NARA is clearly incorrect.

5) Why are MLK assassination records, race riots and the DNC 1968 records, clearly unrelated to the assassination included in the JFK Collection when they are clearly NBR?

6) Why are the Collins Radio records described as NBR when thev are relevant?

7) How come the ONI Defector and ONI Director Files are not listed among the still withheld records when they are still being withheld?

8) Why are there so many records listed as withheld when in fact they have been released and are available?

9) What about the records we know exist that are not among the JFK Collection – ONI 119 Reports, ONI Director Files, Richard Sprague’s HSCA records, the original Air Force One radio tapes and other such records? Is the NARA actively searching and seeking these records?

10) Will the AOTUS – Mr. Ferraro – ever get around to publishing an index and guide to the JFK Collection as the JFK Act law requires?

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