4 thoughts on “Oscar-nominated ‘Bridge of Spies’ had a real-world sequel in Cuba”

  1. The CIA tried the kill Castro by wetsuit during this? I can’t believe the Kenedy bros would’ve approved that. Again confirms that they were a rogue agency at this point, April 1963. Not good.

  2. Ira Jesse Hemingway

    Here is my problem with the movie President Eisenhower issued a no U-2 flights after April 30 1960 order and the only person that could have ordered the flight. Was Alan Dulles the director of the CIA he ordered the U-2 flight on May 1, 1960 Allan Dulles ordered the flight in direct violation of President Eisenhower orders. Records also put Allan Dulles at the CIA central office late on Saturday night 4/30/1960 that would correlate why Gary Francis Power flight left later then it normally would take off.
    The real question is why did LBJ put Allan Dulles on the Warren Commission? I know of three members of the Warren Commission that would have been prosecuted by JFK if his Stockpile investigation ran to fruition.
    Refs please Google:
    The Sabotaging of the American Presidency

    Final Overflights of the Soviet Union 1959-1960 C100190094 released 2013/06/25

    Foreign Relations of the United States May – July 1960 : The U-2 Airplane Incident
    In a memorandum for the record, April 25, Goodpaster, presumably referring to a proposed U – 2 flight, wrote: “After checking with the President, I informed Mr. Bissell that one additional operation may be undertaken, provided it is carried out prior to May 1. No operation is to be carried out after May 1.” (Eisenhower Library, Project Clean Up, Intelligence Matters)


    1. I was surprised David Talbot did not address this incident of insubordination in Devil’s Chessboard. It doomed the talks between the US and USSR. It also doomed Ike’s relationship with the Military Industrial Complex including the CIA which he turned over to VP Nixon. That in turn resulted in the assassination attempts on Castro and the Bay of Pigs which lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis. I realize, a rather simple analysis on my part.

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