RIP Vincent Salandria, Leading Warren Commission Critic

From the Truth and Reconciliation Committee

The writings of Vincent J Salandria on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are historic, foundational, and essential to any serious scholar interested in understanding the real dynamics of the Kennedy murder and its place as a terrible and pivotal moment of the American Century. In his 1967 book Six Seconds in Dallas, Josiah Thompson notes that what he terms the “second generation” of assassination researchers—including Mark Lane, Edward J. Epstein, Harold Weisberg, Raymond Marcus, Léo Sauvage, Richard Popkin—owe “a deep debt to Salandria’s pioneering and largely unsung research.” Thompson is accurate, since Salandria is in the front rank of Warren Commission critics, and the prescience of his analysis is an instruction to all interested people.


4 thoughts on “RIP Vincent Salandria, Leading Warren Commission Critic”

  1. Jeff,
    Have you read all the documents noted in the Mary Ferrell link above concerning “S179”? It’s a packet of FBI documents. It contains names of people I have never read about before with what seems could be substantial evidence. Also, there are redacted paragraphs in many memos right in the page locations where important facts could be disclosed. I see that Garrison was trying to bring in the National Archivist to release the autopsy photos and x-rays feeling those documents would be the “smoking-gun” proof of what Dr. McClellan disclosed to us. It appears that the Kennedy family is the reason why the photos were not to be released by the Archivist until 2039. Also, the FBI activities in the memos took place in May 1968 with the Shaw trial set to start 6-11-68. …. and then RKF was assassinated on 6-10-68. I’m no expert like you are, so I just wanted to be sure you knew about the people and details in this 200pg.+ document of memos. The packet is a fascinating read to say the least. Let us know if there are more “stones to turn over” or further follow up needed on some of the names or info disclosed.

  2. robert e williamson jr

    I have obtained the Ralph Thomas Investigation report. His effort makes several things pretty clear. For instance just how low these people actually were. There is now or never was justification for their actions.

    I do like your new format at the Deep State Blog I’m hoping you got my last two messages. Which are why I’m here.

    I found the Oct 9, 2019

    I find it very interesting that Falls finds reason to blame Ike for the NUMEC scandal. It might fit Falls version of history, but I will remind everyone that JJA & Co. have kept researchers into the Kennedy murder at bay for around 55 years by use of the CIA’s BS sources and methods ruse. CIA had no choice but to cover for JJA being a spy.

    If the Israel/Angleton/USAEC story ever comes out I figure we will learn then just what kind of spy JJA was.

    I figure Bush 41 burnt those records already, but I sure hope not.

    If the CIA kept the secret of a U2 flight that occurred on May Day, May 1, 1960, I can assure you the CIA took great liberty with the Eisenhower Atoms for Peace Program 1953.

    The Suez war was 1956 and Shapiro had started his work on opening NUMEC
    around 1950-51.

    Teller a despicable human being and buddy at USAEC Stauss got busy even earlier pushing Oppie out the door at USAEC because they knew he would never agree to giving Israel anything That was 1949-1950.

    No quarter for turncoats here.

    Great work by everyone here though. Ralph Thomas must have had a great computer program to go through all this stuff so quickly.

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