NHK Prime on Oswald and the CIA, Part II

Lee Harvey Oswald,
Lee Harvey Oswald, Marine and defector

Several readers noted that the link to Part II of NHK Prime’s documentary on Oswald and the CIA didn’t work. Sorry about that. Here it is. Part II .

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4 thoughts on “NHK Prime on Oswald and the CIA, Part II”

  1. Wesley Fraser still maintains that the package Oswald brought to work was not long and with his hands describes about a foot and 1/2 size square or grocery bag. So the only witness says he did not carry a rifle to work. Now several witnesses saw more men on the sixth floor before the shooting. There is a video that shows movement in the unopened window just to the left of the East half opened window while shots were fired. Anyone can now look up Oswald in the window that is very faint but his face shows through the dirty window next to the “snipers window” and it is in the WC exhibit, the Dillard Photo. So they could not trust Oswald to bring a rifle and perhaps he brought the “paper rifle bag” folded up and the creases in the bag are visible that it was folded up. So they had guns on him and Officer Baker’s timing is too fast because the Dillard photo was taken moments after the shooting. So the Photo does not lie.

  2. kirby gilreath

    i think the fact that the motorcade was 20 minuets behind schedule,is a crucial point,that does not get very much attention.Oswald could not have known this,so he has to stay at the window and cant move. i would like to know your thoughts on this?

  3. robert e williamson jr

    I figure, when Dulles got fired that old OSS bunch likely lost it. Allen Dulles would not have instructed anyone to lay off JFK, quite the opposite I suspect, this make CIA responsible. We know J.J. Angleton seemed to be plenty interested in LHO, way too interested. Shades of Allen Dulles he wasn’t CIA anymore because JFK fired him, but he still spent plenty of time at CIA HQ and the Farm.

    Just based on what I know about his behavior through out his life and Angleton’s knowledge of what was going on Allen knew what was up. CIA is doubly responsible.

    I suppose this is what burns my innards so much. Dulles still hanging around at CIA like he belonged there, former CIA actors left wandering in and out of Official CIA business.

    is how CIA lived off the killing by it’s intimidation of the congress by implicated threat and blackmail, apparently still occurring today.

    I’m of great hope that enough data still exists to pin this down further. CIA should simply act unilaterally and cough it all up at this point. If not the CIA will destroy it all, if they haven’t already.

    Ray McGovern exposes, in his ‘eye witness’ words, what comes obviously through also in the Devils Chess Board, JFK was naive to the “Old OS Cabal”, wolves after him,

    In light of what we learn here and through your report on the doings of Micheal Schueur and his wife Alfreda Frances Bitowsky, they need to do this ASAP at this point in time.

    Can it be that a cabal inside CIA be about to repeat some it’s past history?

    Shouldn’t CIA try to redeem themselves by outing their bad actors?

    Shouldn’t loyal CIA, NSA, DNI and FBI break with Homeland Security and urge the U.S. military to do the same in light of King Virus’ recent claims justifying suspension of the election.

    The Virus King has clearly indicated he knows no limits or reason by is rantings.

    Great, Great stuff Jeff! You and all those others mentioned here have come so far.

    Thanks to All.

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