Prelude to a cover-up: CIA ponders ‘appropriate next steps’ on missing JFK files 

Will Trump Release the Missing JFK Files? asks Phil Shenon in Politico. I now think the answer is, probably not.

I have long believed that the CIA will not voluntarily surrender the key material in the documents scheduled for release in October. These documents include the operational files of undercover officers who:

–knew about Oswald before the assassination of JFK (David Phillips, Anne Goodpasture, George Joannides);

–participated in assassination operations (Bill Harvey, David Phillips);

–who implicated themselves in the crime of Dallas (Howard Hunt, David Morales).

Here’s the money quote from a CIA spokeswoman and it sounds like prelude to a cover-up.

“CIA continues to review the remaining CIA documents in the collection to determine the appropriate next steps with respect to any previously-unreleased CIA information.”

The FBI said it had a team of 21 researchers assigned to the document review.

Source: Will Trump Release the Missing JFK Files? – POLITICO Magazine

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