The Joannides story explained: ‘We have not had a proper investigation’

A reader comments on something I said in “One man’s journey in the Kennedy assassination.”

“Morley says, ‘This whole area of CIA assets being in touch with the accused assassin before Nov. 22, 1963. CIA assets using their knowledge of Oswald to create the impression that Oswald acted at Castro’s behest. This really calls into question whether the Warren Commission and even the HSCA ever even had the basic records related to the assassination needed to pass judgement, and the fact is they did not.’

“This sums it up for me,” the reader says, “The Joannides revelations show that we have not had a proper investigation into the assassination.”

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  1. Sen. McCain recently suggested that the CIA has misled Congress about Robert Levinson and his work for the agency. Some things never change! When will someone, “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it in the wind?”

  2. Technically, all key government players working in President Kennedy’s administration could be determined to have JFK assignation records in their individual memos, phone call logs, meetings, directives they either received or initiated, staff personnel involved in mission support; how much of all that has been determined to be JFK assassination records & how much has been released to the public?

    Bits & pieces of some records have turned up in government reports (Church Committee, Rockefeller Committee, CIA ‘Family Jewels’, etc.) & some turn up in books usually authored by the originator of the documentation used as remembrance or evidence. In the military after a change of command takes place some reports stay behind for the new commander in the Intel offices & the others are destroyed or kept by the former commander.

    The general public has no idea the hassle dedicated journalists face & fight to get at records that eventually end up in essays & books; some into movies. For investigative journalists it’s like trying to take food away from a lion or grizzly bear & requires a courage & stamina that a lot of people lack.

    Because Robert Kennedy was involved in all the major crisis JFK faced in his 1000 days RFK’s records are as equally important to the JFK assassination research effort as are President Kennedy & those in government working under his leadership (particularly in matters involving the CIA, Cuban operations & international espionage operations).

  3. S.R. "Dusty" Rohde

    It would seem one of the bigger reasons that government agencies withold or refuse to release evidence is because most, if not all of the witnesses will have passed on before any release happens. One more huge “Coup”. One more giant road block to transparency or truth. One more slap in the face to America’s sense of justice.

  4. No other Attorney General in the history of the United States has had as much influence on an administration as did Robert F. Kennedy, yet he’s often overlooked in research analysis. Bobby was JFK’s right hand man & was monitoring CIA Cuban operations closely for his brother. The murder of President Kennedy knocked out two key government players; both JFK & his brother Robert.

    Disclosures about RFK & Lee Oswald that Joan Mellen has made globally available on her website & in her book ‘A Farwell To Justice’ begs for a real, honest investigation into the murder of President Kennedy and all JFK records currently withheld (including RFK records)being immediately released to the public. 50 years has been an agonizing long time for the public to wait for truthful answers.

  5. When a president is murdered the least we can expect is that there is a full and thorough investigation of the crime.
    We now know that the WC and HSCA did not know about the CIA sponsorship of the DRE, or the role of George Joannides in 1963.
    Whatever George Joannides was doing in 1963, both himself and the CIA believed it was important and sensitive enough to risk committing a crime to keep it secret( lying to and misleading the HSCA)
    This is an angle of the case which was not properly investigated because the WC and HSCA did not have the information.

    1. And conspiracy supporters think that she is a serious researcher. To me, this is the final common pathway that the conspiracy community comes to: to be so desperate to believe anything but the truth that even the President’s brother becomes a credible conspirator in his murder or in the obstruction of justice in investigation of that murder. It borders on being delusional.

      1. So because some people have crazy theories, then every alternate to the LNT is therefore suspect? If you don’t get paid by the CIA to spout the company line, and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone gets paid to to troll the site, you really deserve it.

  6. I think it’s obvious that NO federal investigation of itself will ever be successful. I’d like to see the best and most ethical homicide investigators in the country do it with complete access to all government records and subpoena power. What HSCA started out as with Sprague and Tannenbaum but was quickly subverted by the CIA.

  7. Joannides is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Joan Mellen reveals in her website update to ‘A Farewell to Justice’ that during the period Joannides’ DRE clashed with Lee Oswald in New Orleans RFK began an effort to stop Otto Otepka from investigating Oswald. RFK’s hatchet man was Walter Sheridan. Otto Otepka was the Deputy Director of the State Department Office Of Security. Investigating defectors was part of his job. RFK put Otto through some severe misery for trying to accomplish his job in regards to Lee Oswald.

    Part 1 of professor Mellen’s 5 part essay can be found here:

    Links to the other 4 parts are located on the left side of Joan’s webpage.

    All of Joan’s information slipped past the Warren Report & indicates the need to analyze RFK’s & Walter Sheridan’s records in regards to Lee Oswald & Cuban operations.

    1. It is truly disgusting that Professor Mellen feels the need to assassinate the character of Robert Kennedy in order to give credence to her delusional beliefs.
      Is this what the conspiracy community has come to? Implicating Robert Kennedy in plots to cover up the assassination or having interest in Oswald before Nov. 1963 is insane.

      1. Bobby was a lot more personally and deeply involved in Mongoose-type activities than JFK, who was starting to pursue back-channel talks with Castro. We don’t know how much the two brothers were informing each other about their secret activities. RFK was associating with some violent people in his “get Castro” effort.

        His first suspicions were that Cuban exiles and CIA people might have been responsible for the assassination. It’s unlikely but not impossible that RFK could have known about Oswald’s agent provocateur work against the FPCC. We have many different levels of “shadow government” going on; all of it would need to be kept secret from the public.

    2. Speculation on my part, but I have to ask having read this. Could Oswald being fingered as the accused assassin been a type of signal or back way slap in the face to RFK and used for blackmail ?

  8. The reader is correct in my judgment.

    The Warren Commission did not investigate the assassination; it had no real investigators and relied entirely upon the FBI (wish that were a joke).

    The HSCA did a limited but hamstrung investigation. Undermined by the CIA (Joannides, the firing of Sprague, etc.), congress (lack of adequate funding and time), and Blakey (who couldn’t get it through his head that the mafia had no ability to cover up the crime — e.g., fudge the medical evidence).

    One poster here has repeated the refrain that there have been many investigations. It’s an off-key refrain. The W.C. didn’t investigate. The Clark Panel’s singular achievement was “moving” the wound to the back of the head upward four inches. The Rockefeller Commission, headed by W.C. lawyer David Belin, was Gerald Ford’s homage to the CIA. The HSCA had far too many shortcomings. And that’s it. The ARRB took testimony but did not conduct a real investigation.

    So I agree. We’re ripe for a real investigation, if for no other reason than to establish that the conclusions of the Warren Commission are unsubstantiated and unwarranted.

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