Retired CIA analyst: release all JFK files in 2017

Earlier this year I spoke about the JFK story with retired CIA analyst  Brian Latell on WIOD radio in MIami. Latell had  a clear message for his former employer: release all the JFK files without redactions.


CIA & JFKAs editor of JFK Facts, Jefferson Morley is the leader of JFK investigative journalism. He

–broke the story of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly’s JFK lie, which CNN picked up.

–broke the story of the 1,100 JFK files that the CIA has never made public. Politico followed his lead.

–successfully sued the CIA for long-secret JFK files–and the New York Times paid attention.

Morley’s  new ebook CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account of the role of certain CIA operations officers in the events leading to the death of JFK. Morley also reports what is known about the long-suppressed JFK files scheduled to be declassified in October 2017.

4 thoughts on “Retired CIA analyst: release all JFK files in 2017”

  1. Well there’s the rub now, isn’t it?

    Currently, the dilemma regarding the 911 hoax is a perfect case-in-point. It’s painfully obvious it was an inside job. I attended some of a conference this weekend in NYC about how to bring 911 “to trial” among other things, and you know, it’s really not that easy! Sure, some people in powerful positions could do it, but so far none of them will. I fantasize that a vast majority of citizens will go out into the streets virtually shutting down transport, business, LIFE, etc., demanding accountability for 911, JFK, etc., etc., etc.

    I’m pretty good at fantasizing!

  2. The secrets lie. The emphasis on a release of files made secret purporting to reveal smoking gun truths is the Achilles heel of movements like JFK Facs. The “seek disclosure with no effect” movement is self-handicapping limited hangout.

    The question isn’t if the files will be released, it’s “what are you prepared to do about the system that demands your citizenship and servitude to it while mandating public school indoctrination, unconstitutional unapportioned taxation of wages, and the of extrajudicial killing anyone (peaceably armed or unarmed) it deems a security threat without unanimous consent and due process of its own laws?”

  3. Arnaldo M Fernandez

    Finally Dr. Latell has brought something useful in his approach to the JFK assassination. Anyway, his hope of finding some ground in the CIA files for supporting his thesis on “Castro knew it” is another avatar of the Falstaff’s passage about “a man knows [not] where to have it”.

    1. It might be interesting to ask him, if he can imagine Win Scott’s first class operation pulling out old surveillance cameras before the new had been properly tested. For that matter, there should be a surveillance log of those entering and leaving Soviet and Cuban sites–shouldn’t there?

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