On November 22, what do we mean by full JFK disclosure?

WIODDavid Talbot, Bill Simpich and I, will be talking about the JFK story on Miami’s WIOD talk radio on Tuesday November 22 from 11am to noon, Eastern Time.

I promise a theory-free discussion. We will only be talking about the facts of November 22.

With host Fernand Amandi, we will make the point that the JFK story is not some ancient historical debate but a live political issue in the new maelstorm of American politics. I will talk about why full JFK disclosure is coming in 2017. What does that mean? You can tune in here.

We will talk about JFK in the era of Trump; what we know now; and what we will learn in October 2017 with the massive JFK data dump that is coming as mandated by U.S. law.

Some people say they will be “shocked” if anything significant is released. Others will say it will never happen.

I won’t be shocked because it already has happened. Thanks to legally mandated declassification orders imposed on the CIA, we have learned a great deal about what happened in Dallas that the agency would have preferred to keep secret. The fact that mainstream news organization avert their eyes from the new facts does not make them less valid.

As should now be obvious, digital media technology can empower outsiders to impose new realities on a dysfunctional and unresponsive U.S. political establishment.

For more JFK talk, tune into WIOD at 11 am on 11/22/16.



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Morley’s  new ebook CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account of the role of certain CIA operations officers in the events leading to the death of JFK.

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11 thoughts on “On November 22, what do we mean by full JFK disclosure?”

  1. LHO admitted to taking package of curtin rods to work and frazier who had worked in hardware dept said the bag was no more than 2 ft- too small to contain dissasembled rifle. no workers saw him with any bag, much less large enough to hold a rifle. there are no photographs of the bag at the crime scene. the police officers who supposedly found the bag disagree on which one found the rifle and where it was found. a very large bag of unknown provedence is photographed being carried out by a police officer. this is the first photo of the bag alleged to have been carried by oswald to the TSBD. it bears no resemblance to thecbag described byfrazer and his sister.

  2. indeed, none of the employees interviewed saw him with a package. moreover, boxes were being moved around on sixth floor to lay new flooring.no one saw a bag or rifle.

    1. LHO himself admitted he took a package to work that day to police as well as the man who drove him to work testified he had one.

  3. what happened to the “curtain rods ” he brought to work then ? I acn accept more involved but
    LHO was involved up to his eyeballs

  4. I hope it’s not some “ancient historical debate” although some days I feel older than others. At a work Thanksgiving potluck dinner I told a few people this story. 53 years ago today I walked home about 5 blocks from school for lunch. Mother had a little transistor radio on in the kitchen, unusual, she usually only listened to the news and weather. Somebody called and she seemed excited on the phone. I went back to school and no one was there. Except in my class, the teacher was there at her desk crying. She told me to go back home, no more school today.
    God Bless the memory of John F. Kennedy and the ideals he stood for. May the eternal flame keep burning.

  5. I have three simple questions I’d like answered by the CIA:

    o Why did Helms withhold the agency’s relationship with the DRE from the WC?

    o Why did agency lie thatits relationship with the DRE was over by Feb 63 to the HSCA?

    o Why did the agency continually lie about the very existence of George Joannides and still continue to withhold his files?

    Answer me those, Batman, and maybe we can finally resolve this case.

      1. “Junk science” is believing that a bullet entered the back of Kennedy’s neck when the bullet holes in his shirt and jacket are located between five and six inches below the collar.

        1. The bullet didn’t enter the back of his neck. It entered where the autopsy photo shows the wound. After entering the upper back it passed through the neck and exited below the Adam’s apple.

  6. those who continue to believe in the lone gunman theory are equivalent to climate deniers. A close examination of the forensic science establishes reasonable doubt that lee oswald was a shooter, much less a lone gunman.

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