On the 53rd anniversary, full JFK disclosure is coming

As we have learned, huge news stories can grow, mature and break right under  the noses of uncomprehending mainstream news reporters. So it is with the JFK story.

Full JFK disclosure is coming in October 2017 and only a few news reporters are aware of what that might mean.

I will explain on WMNF, community conscious radio in Tampa tomorrow, November 22 at 11:05 am Eastern Time.

–I’ll talk about what we know about JFK and the CIA that we didn’t know ten years ago.

–I’ll weigh the “CIA did it” and the “LBJ did it” theories.

–I’ll preview some of the coming JFK revelations in 2017.

You listen to WMNF by clicking here.



CIA & JFKFrom a 5-Star Amazon review of Jefferson Morley’s new ebook, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files.

The crown jewel of Mr. Morley’s work details his discovery that a retired CIA officer named George Joannides was called back to Washington to stall a re-investigation of the assassination by the House of Representatives in the late 1970s.

As editor of JFK Facts, Morley is the leader of JFK investigative journalism. He

–broke the story of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly’s JFK lie, which CNN picked up.

–broke the story of the 1,100 JFK files that the CIA has never made public. Politico followed his lead.

–successfully sued the CIA for long-secret JFK files–and the New York Times paid attention.

Morley’s latest investigationCIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account of the role of CIA operations officers in the events leading to the death of JFK.

Morley reveals what’s in the thousands of long-suppressed JFK files scheduled to be declassified in October 2017.




5 thoughts on “On the 53rd anniversary, full JFK disclosure is coming”

  1. 53 years ago tonight Constitutional Democracy went to sleep in Fort Worth Texas.
    It woke up the next morning and went to dallas.
    To my children and grand children I beseech you.
    Learn and understand these terms:
    Constitutional Republic
    Democratic Republic

  2. how about also weighing the cuban exiles trained by CIA (funded with mafia $$) to assassinate Castro did it because some insults can only be paid with blood, and our government had to hide the truth to prevent exposure of our assassination plots against castro and our involvement with mafia. This would also explain why RFK went along with the coverup since his political future would have been at risk if the american people knew his role in the assassination attempts.

    1. Yes they were trained North of New Orleans and I was with the FBI in New Orleans during this time.I will be telling my story with FBI documents. Teletype dated 11/17/63 warning. William Walter

  3. this story is a long time coming..but I still don’t think we will get the truth because it would still affect how we feel about the government and their dirty secrets……what else are they hiding from us???

    1. If they are lying — as they probably are — about 9/11, that calls into serious question a lot of current actions of the U.S. government.

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