‘We should not all be painted with the same brush’

Sandra writes:

Now reading “The Ghost . . .”.On page 145, Jefferson Morley states, “In Columbus, Mississippi, high school students cheered the death of the liberal president . . . ”

Sandra wants to make an important point about the South and JFK’s assassination.“That day, 35 miles south of Columbus in the small town of Macon, Mississippi, I sat in Mrs. Bob Smith’s 7th-grade ‘study-hall’ with 30 other 13-year-olds.
“Upon the news of the shooting of the president, (I and my parents’ most respected president to this day), Mrs. Smith, through tears and disbelief, told us the news.
“For at least the next twenty minutes there were quiet tears and cries of disbelief.
“Not one cheer.
“I will never forget how, with tears streaming down her face and ours, she tried to comfort and reassure us.
“We should not all be painted with the same brush.”

Sarah S.
Retired Librarian
Proud, Lifelong Democrat

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