Q. How many JFK files are still secret? A. More than 3,000

The short answer is, we don’t knows for sure, but BlackVault.com and WhoWhatWhy have the first draft of an answer.

Digging deeper, and with the help and verification of Jimmy Falls of the news agency WhoWhatWhy we came up with the same numbers, using two entirely different methods.It confirms there are 3,082 Documents, totaling 217,114 pages that are not yet released to the public.

Source: J.F.K. Assassination Records – The Black Vault

A couple of caveats are in order.

First, these numbers are not precise. There are errors, duplicates and anomalies in the NARA database that JFK researchers are still seeking to resolve.

Second, by law IRS records related to the JFK story will not be made public in April. My guesstimate is that several hundred of the 3082 documents come form the IRS. In my opinion these IRS records are not crucial to understanding the JFK story.

Third, some of the CIA records that Black Vault says have been withheld in full are quite important. I’ll be posting on them tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here are four key JFK files that have been partially released but still contain significant redactions. These files concern CIA officers responsible for reporting on the movements of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in the years, months and weeks before President Kennedy was killed.

If you wonder whether CIA personnel who might have been culpable in JFK’s assassination, consider what we know–and don’t know–about these officers, all of whom are deceased.


See my post of January 12: “Four Key JFK files that are still censored,”.



2 thoughts on “Q. How many JFK files are still secret? A. More than 3,000”

  1. Is this really anything new? Do you really expect that these documents will EVER be released, especially in an unredacted form?

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