The latest news about ‘JFK Declassified’

To recap the JFK mystery of the year: The last four episodes of “JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald”  a six-part History Channel documentary series on the JFK assassination were not shown in the United States as scheduled.

What gives? Barbara did some investigatingJFK Declassified

The show, hosted by former CIA officer Robert Baer, offers a modified version of the “Castro Done It” conspiracy theory. This theory, blaming JFK’s death on the Cuban communist leader, was first generated with CIA propaganda assets within 48 hours of JFK’s assassination.

It has been espoused by former CIA analyst Brian Latell and author Gus Russo.

Former HSCA investigator Dan Hardway and I debated this theory with Baer on a Miami radio program in May. Baer urged us to watch the rest of the program before we criticized it.

The History Channel has offered no explanation on their Web site. Nor has it responded to multiple emails from JFK Facts readers.

Curiously, the complete series has been broadcast in Canada. Which begs the obvious question; Why does the History Channel think the JFK story is of more interest to Canadians than Americans?

So reader Barbara took matter into her own hands


“Hello Jeff  – I called A&E network today and asked for programming for the History Channel and was directed to someone who said she was authorized to tell me that the JFK show has not been cancelled and will come back. I asked her why there has been a halt in airing and she said they are working on resolving “issues.” I asked her if they are editing the show, she said no, that it will air as filmed. I asked if there was someone else I could talk to about this and she said there is no one there to talk to. I thanked her for talking to me.”

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