‘JFK Declassified’: Episode 6

MDG writes with a summary of the mysteriously cancelled (at least in the United States) History Channel series on the JFK assassination:

Episode 6 theorizes that many of Alpha 66 were Cuban double agents controlled by Castro.

It was Castro that ordered the assassination of JFK according to the program.

Baer is sure of this because a source they talked to.

Baer is also sure that LHO was the only shooter in Dealey Plaza but he had accomplices amongst the Cuban exiles in Alpha 66.

Baer also feels LHO was headed to a safe house belonging to Cuban Exiles when he left his rooming house.

He says there were many safe houses along the #55 bus transfer route in a 2 mile radius of where LHO lived.

They also did an interview with the granddaughter of Oswald’s landlady who still lives in the house where LHO stayed.

The granddaughter says her grandmother told her LHO spoke both Spanish and Russian on his telephone calls he made at the house.

It was strongly maintained throughout the program that LHO had a “plan” after Kennedy was killed.

If LHO had a plan he should have brought his pistol to work, and not taken the time for a Coke at the TSBD.

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