JFK Declassified, Episode 3 surfaces (in Canada)

Thanks to everybody who has been bombarding History Channel and A&E with questions. No one received anything but a spam answers. So the mystery endures. We still have no explanation of why the History Channel’s “JFK Declassified” series was taken off the air after two episodes, at least in the United States.

Was it poor ratings? Did the show’s “Castro Sorta Done It” semi-conspiracy theory offended somebody in high places? Why is the series available to Canadians only. We’re still looking for answers.

Here’s History Channel’s summary of Episode 3.

Newly declassified government files reveal that Lee Harvey Oswald may have been involved with an underground operation in the swamps of Louisiana, training with mercenaries and violent extremists only months before the assassination.

This chaste language refers to the training camps for CIA-trained anti-Castro rebels in Louisiana, one of which was raided by the FBI in July 1963.

There’s a review of Episode 3 on the Kennedy and Kings blog.

“The team drove out of New Orleans to the nearby town of Belle Chasse and reached a remote area, surrounded by swamps and thick vegetation, with some decrepit buildings still standing. They found evidence of it being a training facility and weapon arsenal. A “military-grade operation,” surmised Baer, as if nobody knew the Bay-of-Pigs-related CIA operation JM/MOVE was headquartered there in 1961 [17], while Oswald was working at a factory in Minsk (Belarus).”

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