New JFK documents show CIA had ‘very intensive’ interest in Oswald before JFK assassination: 

I’m re-upping this post from two years ago, because the point needs emphasizing and praise is due.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company–more than any U.S. media organization–recognized the single most important finding to come out in the very incomplete JFK document release  in  2017-18.

The Fifth Estate show on CBC News understood a fact that leading  historians resist: Accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was not a “lone nut.” He was the target of CIA surveillance for four years before Kennedy was killed.

Documents released recently by the U.S. National Archives on President John F. Kennedy’s assassination suggest the CIA was watching Lee Harvey Oswald much more closely than previously thought before the fatal shot was fired in Dallas, an author tells The Fifth Estate.Former Washington Post reporter and author Jefferson Morley told The Fifth Estate the official story was that Oswald came out of nowhere and shot the president on Nov. 22, 1963.  “What the files show is that’s a cover story. It’s not true. High level CIA officials were paying attention to Oswald from 1959 to November 1963,” said Morley, author of several books on the assassination, the CIA and a JFK website.

The highest of those officials was counterintelligence chief James Angleton.

For the full story on the legendary Angleton, go here.

Source: New JFK documents suggest CIA had ‘very intensive’ interest in Oswald before assassination: Fifth Estate | CBC News 


8 thoughts on “New JFK documents show CIA had ‘very intensive’ interest in Oswald before JFK assassination: ”

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I hope you’re off to a great start for the new year. The 2021 records release date is right around the corner. Are you going to use this site to “tee-up” and discuss the important documents remaining to be read? Do you have any plans for another book that can help us all focus-in on the key facts and/or people?


  2. sure Angleton was keeping an eye on Oswald for the simple reason that Oswald was a pawn for the C.I.A., and expected to take the fall for the
    murder of JFK. Oswald did not fire a shot on Nov 22, 1963. He thought that
    he was serving his country as an intelligence agent. the C.I.A has spent millions trying to sell the public that Oswald was the killer of JFK. Alan
    Dulles was the architect of the assassination! JFK was murdered because of
    his anti-imperialist stance, his desire to kick the federal reserve bank out of the U.S. his position on Vietnam and his desire to negotiate peace with the Soviet Union which would cost the military industrial complex mega
    bucks. the MIC had been robbing our country blind, and had been complicit along with Alan Dulles in creating the phony cold war! JFK was the only
    president in the modern era that stood up to the forces that have been holding America hostage, and using our sons and daughters as fodder in wars of plunder. our country has been going backwards since 11 22 1963 and it wont stop until the American people wake up and “ask not what your country can do for you, But what you can do for your country”!

  3. Oswald was what he said he was-just a patsy. Angleton took a very big secret to the grave about who REALLY committed this crime. I highly doubt that we will ever know the complete story- there are just too many roadblocks to the truth.

  4. Richard Sullins

    There was more investigative journalism in the 35 minutes of The Fifth Estate broadcast than I’ve seen in 50 years worth of JFK-related programming originating in the United States. If a former CBC producer can spell out a clear-eyed view of the facts American television ignores, it provides confirmation of what many of us have known all along – how deeply many American journalists and broadcast networks have been in the pocket of the government of the United States. And if they have indeed been toeing the government line in the JFK case for half a century, what else have they been complicit in keeping secret?

  5. Thanks for reminding us of this Jeff.
    I am currently reading ‘Oswald and the Cia’ by John Newman, which looks at Oswald ‘the file’ rather than Oswald the person.
    It shows how interest in Oswald is triggered with his defection to Russia, and his stated intention to reveal military secrets to Russia. Hardly an unknown person to the intelligence services.
    What particularly interests me is how this interest is accelerated on his return to the states, and how the CI/SIG seem to take a more active role in this interest from this stage.
    I certainly do believe that Oswald is being controlled/manipulated by someone, and I do believe its the CIA.
    Does he know about it ? And what is the intention?
    Please keep up your good work Jeff so that hopefully we might one day find out.

  6. I was fifteen when JFK was assassinated and started research as soon as the first books started to come out! I was well aware of many questions that were not being answered truthfully. I do have a question as to why President Trump is not releasing all of the documents, I’m thinking the CIA has not released everything as well. However, a reliable source stated to me: That Trump was withholding these documents because some of the co-conspirators are still ALIVE! I cannot confirm or deny this, but it certainly gives me something to think about. Like, why are they not being prosecuted regardless of their age???

    1. Abdirazack Mohamed

      The crime was fully investigated by the FBI & that’s nature.also Dallas local police did their investigation. They’re the two main points that were feeding the warran committee what they found.if the whole information was triggered & the reality was fucked up why everything is up to CIA lonely even if they’re flawed the respect of the information sharing?

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