New book ties former CIA director to American corporatocracy

This review, I think, captures the core concept of Talbot’s book: The American constitutional system was disrupted on November 22, 1963 and never repaired.

Talbot’s book makes what is perhaps an even more important claim — that Dulles and his allies oversaw a turning point in American history, when the democratic rule of the many became a plutocracy, the rule of the wealthy few.

Source: New Book Ties Former CIA Director To American Corporatocracy, JFK Assassination

3 thoughts on “New book ties former CIA director to American corporatocracy”

  1. I see that your referenced source censors commentators who post information contradicting Talbot’s assertions. Doesn’t that taint the review?

    1. Photon > Nothing could be more tainted than your comments on this blog. “Dulles and his allies oversaw a turning point in American history”; The comment I hear more than any other, opined in various ways, is that the assassination of potus #35 marked a drastic change we have never recovered from.

  2. It is a good article. The book thus far (about half way) is not about about the JFK Assassination. It’s about the development of power and climate that foisted it. I’d never heard of Mint. Thanks Mr. Morley. I don’t agree with the “hypothetical scenarios” part. It seems Dulles was still running the covert aspects of the CIA from his home and Washington clubs and restaurants after he was fired. People were assassinated and Governments otherwise toppled on his watch.
    The list runs much deeper than I was aware of.

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