Introducing our new Comments Editor

Meet Tom S. the new JFK Facts Comments Editor. After several decades in manufacturing management, Tom has worked as an editor of consumer guides published by Reader’s Digest and as an internet forum developer and administrator. He has a deep knowledge of the JFK case based on his own reading and research. 

I have asked Tom to enforce the site’s comments policy with a commonsense attitude: comments are for people to debate and to learn. If your comments detract from those goals in Tom’s view, he will act accordingly, either in holding your comments or asking you to resubmit.

Welcome Tom

34 thoughts on “Introducing our new Comments Editor”

  1. Roy W Kornbluth

    Am I going senile or did a recent thread completely disappear? It was headed by a de Gaulle quotation, something like, “They (Americans) will observe the law of silence” (RE the assassination).

  2. If you are Tom Scully welcome anyway. I don’t remember any particularly offensive comments on the edu forum in the last few years I’ve followed it somewhat. Back to the devil’s chessboard for me.

  3. How about we get back on track here.
    Let’s talk about FREETHEFILES instead.
    Isn’t that the focus of this Website?
    And in turn the Truth about the JFK Assassination?
    Jeff has allowed enough Truth on here in the past that I believe in his forthrightness and intention.
    I, in IHMO trust his judgement in this matter.
    I imagine (like John Lennon?) John S. has been well vetted by Jeff, Rex, and others

  4. “It’s not Tom Scully is it, Jeff? In which case you are nursing a viper to your breast.” Agree completely.

    If it is Tom Scully, formerly of Education forum, then that is an absolute disaster. I remember him well, his personal mission was to censor me on a variety of topics.

    That is how some folks get their power jollies. By worming themselves in as moderators and the next thing you know the forum becomes a Khmer Rouge re-education campaign, dead bodies and skulls strewn everywhere.

    1. “the next thing you know the forum becomes a Khmer Rouge re-education campaign, dead bodies and skulls strewn everywhere.” — Robert Morrow

      . . . Or the next thing you know the debate has descended into gutter talk that seems designed to titillate more than inform, perhaps because in some way it satisfies a debilitating appetite that ironically mirrors the legendary tactics of J. Edgar Hoover.

    2. I’ve volunteered to contribute to the success of and I have the experience and temperament to quietly absorb criticism, and even some abuse. I expect it. However, I don’t “do” crazy, politely.
      It was a dirty job,
      attempting to moderate you, Mr. Morrow, but obviously somebody needs to do it. I recall having to stake out a “grandmother free zone” at the Ed Forum’s JFK Debate after Mr. Morrow posted his opinions of LBJ’s lascivious family relations. “Co-author Robert Morrow has wished death on Hillary Clinton and been visited by the Secret Service, posted bizarre sexual writings about the Clinton family, and called Chelsea Clinton a “xxxx” who might xxxx xxxx one day” with Bill Clinton. ” – – This link is slow to load but worth the wait!: Background explaining the Robert Morrow “mailing”:

      1. Ha, and Morrow became worthy of MSM attention. Thanks for the tip Tom (not John) though I missed it’s relevance at the time.

  5. If this is Tom Scully, I’m familiar with his distinct and invaluable research. Given the level of concentration and discernment required compiling his amazing body of work, I anticipate that he will be an asset to jfkfacts.

    Best wishes moderating.

    1. Hi dear Leslie

      It is that Tom Scully. Although I have to say I haven’t heard his research described that way before.

      My main concern about him is his tendency to censor people or topics he doesn’t like. He has form at this on the Education Forum.

      1. Vanessa, I hope the irony isn’t lost that Tom S. has already approved comments that are highly critical of Tom Scully personally.

        If you lack confidence in the new moderator, why not ask for a public pledge from Jeff Morley that Tom S. will abide by the same criteria that has allowed you to comment on this site for months? After all, this is Mr. Morley’s property not the moderator’s.

        1. Leslie, yes I have noticed that. It’s to his credit that he’s allowed those comments. But then he did say to me that he would, so perhaps I was testing him a bit.

          However, I’m more concerned about my comments on Photon being censored and, in future, anything I might have to say on PM (still not you Paul 🙂 )

          Tom has form on the issue of bias when he was a moderator on the Ed Forum.

          I think my concerns are legitimate and I haven’t raised them lightly.

          It sounds a bit like you don’t think I should have been allowed to comment for the past few months. Is that the case?

    1. Bob – it’s Tom Scully for heaven’s sake. He tag teamed with Carmine Savastano on jfkassassination forum ridiculing PM at one stage.

      And we are now in his hands.

        1. So you admit it. Why don’t you post under that name then?

          But I was actually referring to Prayer Man not Paul May! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          (PS Paul, say hello to all your colleagues over on jfkassassination forum for me especially Craig Lamson – charming fellow. Did you all used to work for the same Company by any chance?)

          1. I assumed that you meant Photon’s Mantra.
            Prayer Man has been shown to be a woman-that dog no longer hunts.

          2. For heaven’s sake Paul. Give it up.

            Do you seriously believe that PM is a woman? Please state your case.

            I see, same MO, same Company.

  6. Welcome and thanks for taking on the challenge of this position.
    I believe Jeff has had his hands full the last few months trying to do it and other things.

  7. It’s not Tom Scully is it, Jeff? In which case you are nursing a viper to your breast.

    So to speak.

    If it’s not Tom Scully then welcome to you and good luck.

    PS Oh, it’s Tom Scully alright my fellow JFKFaxers and he is already up to some Tom Scully-like behaviour.

  8. Hi Tom – I dodnt say LBJ’s aide was a pervert because he was a closet homosexual – I said that the only two sources for the idea RFK asked LBJ to put Dulles and McCloy on the WC – LBJ and WJ were sex perverts – LBJ is worse and I have my sources but WJ because he got his kicks in public restrooms – that’s what makes him a pervert – not his sexual orientation or homosexual tendencies – which is one of the things that got Harry Anglemeyer murdered – see my blog –

    If seeking sex in a public restroom from strangers isn’t perverted tells what is?

    Bill Kelly

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