CIA outs a living literary spy in the new JFK files

He was Richard Gibson, journalist, novelist, co-founder of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, and cosmopolitan intellectual.

My story in Newsweek.

Richard Gibson
Richard Gibson, CBS newswriter who became a CIA spy

The CIA is usually vigilant about defending the confidentiality of its sources and methods. In announcing the release of the JFK files last year, President Donald Trump declared the records would be opened in their entirety, “except for the names and addresses of living persons.”

Save for Gibson’s apparently. (The CIA declined to comment for this story.)

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    The above testimony by Doug Horne is the most significant information that the US citizenry needs to understand about the JFK assassination. All medical evidence proves that the President was killed by shots from the front and that Oswald did not kill him. Therefore, the time spent on researching who Oswald was is not the most important endeavor. We need to concentrate on who really did kill JFK and what the witnesses have recounted about those shooters seen on the grassy knoll and other locations.

  2. I think you’ll find in the older JFK documents indications that Gibson may have been working for the CIA prior to 1965.

    In July 1962 Gibson wrote a letter to the CIA offering his assistance. He then promptly quit the FPCC and moved to Algeria in September 1962 and by early 1963 was working for a new communist magazine La Revolution Africaine. He then moved to Switzerland in April 1963 and in late 1964 members of CPUSA provided documents that showed Gibson was working for the CIA and he was fired from his job in disgrace.

    There are a couple of interesting aspects about Gibson with regard to the JFK assassination.

    When Gibson quit his position as head of the FPCC in September 1962 he specifically anointed Vincent Lee as his successor. Vincent Lee had been of interest to the CIA since at least February 1961. Lee wasn’t a popular choice among other senior members and they were extremely unhappy with how he ran the FPCC. It went into decline and by October 1963 it was on it’s last legs. Oswald’s links to the FPCC were the final nail in the coffin. If Gibson was working with the CIA back then, his choice of Lee to succeed him may help explain the demise of the FPCC.

    Another point of interest with Gibson was that in December 1963 he was interviewed about JFK’s assassination and in particular Lee Harvey Oswald because of his links to the FPCC. Gibson told them that in the late summer 1962 he received a letter signed by a Lee Bowmont wanting to organise an FPCC in Fort Worth. Now Gibson may have misread the signature on the letter or been confused because Oswald was definitely in contact with the FPCC around that time but under his own name. Most people think Oswald was first in contact with the FPCC around April 1963 but this is incorrect.

  3. robert e williamson jr

    Jeff great idea. Congrats on the new finds. Salutations to your dedicated followers and thanks again, everybody for caring.

    They outed their own guy again. First Gibson then Valerie Plame.

  4. This is another in a long list of “red herrings” that the CIA is putting out there to distract those who are looking for the truth. This DOES make you wonder how many non-company spies that they have employed over the years, though.

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