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About the recent post on KGB officer Nikolai Leonov’s encounter with Lee Oswald, former Warren Commission attorney David Slawson comments:

David Slawson
Warren Commission attorney David Slawson

“I had read Kostikov’s version of the same story, which included his disarming of Oswald loaded pistol.  Kostikov also wrote this after he had retired – and the Soviet Union had collapsed and effectively ended the cold war.  Kostikov said nothing about Oswald’s extreme nervousness or his statement about shooting everyone in the hotel at which he was staying, but maybe this was not recorded in what I read about the incident.  I did not read his statements in Russian, of course, and for all I know, maybe the newspaper or magazine article I read about it simply did not include this part.  In any event, Leonov’s story lends credence to Kostikov’s, and vice versa.”


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—Philip Shenon, author of A Cruel and Shocking Act


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