Antonio Veciana: the Army Intelligence connection

In his review of Trained to Kill, Bill Kelly calls attention to Antonio Veciana’s work for Army Intelligence. He nails the point that Veciana’s critics strive to avoid. Phillips did use the alias “Maurice Bishop” and his physical description of “Bishop” bore an uncanny resemblance to Phillips.

Kelly offers an original thesis, supported by documentation:

The manipulation of Oswald might have been an Army Intelligence operation, with CIA (and David Phillips/”Maurice Bishop”) in more of a supportive role.

This has always struck me as a real possibility. Many CIA operatives were often detailed to military components.

Highly recommended.

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  1. Russ Tarby says:

    Bill Kelly is an amazingly thorough and insightful researcher…
    thanks for sharing his work…
    looking forward to Albarelli’s, Newman’s and, of course, Jeff Morley’s upcoming books, and October’s release of documents…
    should make for an interesting autumn!

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