Who was Valery Kostikov?

Was he a KGB assassin? Did he have contact with Lee Harvey Oswald before the assassination of President Kennedy?

Some answers from my piece (co-authored by Rex Bradford)  in Newsweek:  “America’s most powerful conspiracy theorist will decide the fate of CIA trove.”

Think there’s nothing significant in these JFK records? Think again.

In the History Channel’s new documentary series JFK Declassified, former CIA officer Robert Baer describes a meeting in Mexico City between Oswald and Valery Kostikov, a Soviet diplomat, six weeks before JFK was killed. On the program, Baer identifies Kostikov as “the head of KGB assassin operations.”

The CIA had touted this identification of Kostikov to the White House the day after Kennedy’s assassination, and it may have played a role in President Lyndon Johnson’s decision to support a presidential commission to as fears mounted over the Kremlin’s possible involvement in the assassination. The Warren Commission received an ominous CIA memo that repeated the allegation that Kostikov was “believed to work for Department Thirteen…of the KGB…responsible for executive action, including sabotage and assassination.”

The JFK metadata shows that the CIA has a secret 167-page file on Kostikov, which could clarify who he really was. In May 1963, counterintelligence chief Angleton had discounted him as a threat, telling FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover that he had “no information” that Kostikov was associated with the KGB’s 13th Department.

The Kostikov file will help clarify this key question in JFK conspiracy debate.



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  1. 307/5000
    Lee Harvey Oswald was supplanted in Mexico City with the intention of linking him to Cuba and the Soviet Union, They even seek to relate Oswald and Valery Kostikov, a Soviet diplomat, six weeks before JFK was killed. Kostikov was “the head of the KGB killer operations”.

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