McAdams on trial: Does the 1rst Amendment protect bullying?

A timely report from Jim DiEugenio about embattled former Marquette University professor John McAdams, a frequent commenter on JFK issues.McAdams claims his First Amendment rights have bee violated. Marquette says he’s an unrepentant bully.

“The report lists at least 12 prior incidents McAdams was involved in where he attempted to intimidate both students and teachers.  And he did so by naming names and reporting e-mail addresses.  He even went after administrators, like deans and provosts.  He actually told them that if he was reprimanded, he would do the same to them in his blog—that is name them and expose a contact email. (See report, p. 91)   And during Dean Holz’ inquiry, McAdams told Holz that he had a law firm lined up and ready to sue Marquette if they disciplined him.”

Source: John McAdams Update

6 thoughts on “McAdams on trial: Does the 1rst Amendment protect bullying?”

  1. The comments by by John McAdams on this site have left me with an overall impression of mendaciousness and bad faith on his part. I simply did not get the impression that he was being honest.
    Rather my impression was that he was manipulating the facts in order to buttress the official story about 11/22.
    McAdams and those like him are trying to obscure the truth of 11/22, not reveal it.

  2. What a swell human being. And no doubt the justification for inflicting such harm on another individual is to advance a religion that is allegedly based on the teachings of a rabbi who said, in effect “anybody can love those who are nice to them, but I’m telling you to love your enemies and those who persecute you.”

  3. Well, here is the issue that Jimbo avoids in his comment:
    Was McAdams ever reprimanded over any of the 12 supposed incidents?
    Was McAdams ever given any written warning over any of the 12 supposed incidents?
    If not, these claims have llittle to do with the current situation that he was suspended for.
    But in regards to JFK Facts, where is Dr. McAdams? Has he not posted recently? Have his posts been deemed “unacceptable”?

    1. Photon did you read the article? Yes Mr. DiEugenio addresses the lack of reprimand in writing or verbally. Mc Adams prior threats to name publicly and provide e-mails of Faculty and Administrators who might try to discipline him are part and parcel to his dismissal.
      Jeff addressed your implication that Johns posts might have been deemed unacceptable recently. I know you’ve not posted lately, I guess you haven’t been reading either. Note the part early on where he addresses the same assertion from Jean.

      In light of potential litigation I figure John’s attorneys have finally muzzled him to prevent further damage to his case from his mouth.

    2. Antonio D'Antonio

      From what I’ve read here, it sounds to me like Professor McAdams continues taking all the rope he needs to seal his own fate.

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