McAdams on trial: Does the 1rst Amendment protect bullying?

A timely report from Jim DiEugenio about embattled former Marquette University professor John McAdams, a frequent commenter on JFK issues.McAdams claims his First Amendment rights have bee violated. Marquette says he’s an unrepentant bully.

“The report lists at least 12 prior incidents McAdams was involved in where he attempted to intimidate both students and teachers.  And he did so by naming names and reporting e-mail addresses.  He even went after administrators, like deans and provosts.  He actually told them that if he was reprimanded, he would do the same to them in his blog—that is name them and expose a contact email. (See report, p. 91)   And during Dean Holz’ inquiry, McAdams told Holz that he had a law firm lined up and ready to sue Marquette if they disciplined him.”

Source: John McAdams Update

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