Lee Harvey Oswald’s address book in living color

Take look at this complete, full color reproduction of the address book of Lee Harvey Oswald, accused assassin of President John F. Kennedy, who was slain in custody of the Dallas police on November 24, 1963. (Courtesy of A.J. Weberman)

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  1. Roy W Kornbluth

    For a loner, LHO knew a whole lot of folks.
    For a lunatic, he kept track of a rich variety of healthy, important concerns.
    For an angry, violent man, there’s a lot of love for family, friends, politics, science, and knowledge in general. Looks like the address book of a thinker, not a murderous stinker.

  2. “…I must say that at this juncture of my own investigation of the “Big Event,” that I do not believe that there are ANY photographic, or physical, pieces of evidence, that HAVE NOT been tampered with(with very few exceptions), especially the “Z” film; which is probably the most damning piece of evidence of conspiracy by people at the highest levels of our government, which continues to this very day! I must agree with Mort Sahl’s statements back in December of ’67.”
    Personally: If America…rather, Americans don’t get their Govt. back – soon..than I am afraid that all we have, and all that our children and children’s children, have to look forward to, is becoming bars of soap and made into lampshades!
    Quite honestly people, I personally do not fancy having to go on fighting in rich mens wars; or, see my grandchildren fighting in their wars and so forth, only to finally be, “made redundant(as the English say), thrown into a FEMA camp and reduced to fertilizer!
    Frankly; if those in power do not take the hooks from the jaws of those whom they’ve controlled by way of a “coup de tat,’ some fifty plus years ago, then I only think that Jim Garrisons comment,”let justice be done though the heavens fall,” be Americas motto. As it was said in the film,”Bridge of Spies,”…”the only thing that makes us Americans, is that little piece of paper called the constitution..,” and so forth.
    “Americans…at least the majority of them anyway, are being left with fewer and fewer options every day, as our Nation moves closer and closer to being a security state…”
    “I fear, that in 2017, every piece of evidence will have either been sanitized, redacted, or just outright destroyed, with regard to the JFK issue.”
    “We must face facts. America “took a wrong turn” with the assassination of JFK, and crimes against the citizens have been committed regularly ever since, with those in elected government taking liberties that are not theirs to take! interpret that as you will.”
    “Were the government to go on trial, I believe that there is substantial evidence for a conviction beyond any reasonable doubt, of conspiracy, both before and after the fact.”
    ‘it has been over a half century since the ‘coup de tat.’ It is only “fair” that the govt. be restored to “the People.” After all: in Spain after Franco died, the govt. returned to the”people.” Why not in America?”
    “Enough is enough!”-DM

    1. Roy W Kornbluth

      DE Mitchell,
      Thank you for that post, and thank goodness for Mort Sahl. I was so lucky to speak with MS by phone on the Alan Colmes Show a couple years ago. From memory (I could find the notebook but time prevents), this is what good ol Mort had to say to my questions:

      — Yes he was banned from the Johnny Carson Show for aggressively pushing Jim Garrison onto it, and for being an outspoken critic of the War Con. Carson felt bad about it later, but his hands were tied. (Aren’t all of our hands tied?) JC and MS remained friends and Mort doesn’t hold a grudge. JC and JG not so much. Supposedly, RFK sent Walter Sheridan and Frank Grimsley to give Carson all the best ammo to shoot down Garrison.

      — Sahl was the second, after Mark Lane, to be apprised by JG himself about going forward with the trial. MS did everything he could to help Garrison, and it was a lot.

      — Sahl’s version of what went down 11-22 and what is still going down is great, but space prevents… DEM’s post above gives the best idea of what that is.

  3. it is so clear that Oswald did not kill the president, to many cover ups and strange things happened within the police dept …cia…drs….president Johnson couldn’t wait to be sworn in so he had Jackie with her husbands brains on her suit…..stand next to him…he knew too ……what a sham…….now they say one of the cia guys in the car behind kennedy killed him when his gun accidentally went off……WE MAY NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH but we certainly were not given the truth so long ago….

  4. I’ve not tried to interpret the information provided in Oswalds’s diary. However based on it’s supposed inclusion in the book (it’s not) and information from the website “The Oswald Code” at the time of publication of the book I ordered it. Once again frustrating, no TOC, page or source notes, index, references. A waste of money.
    However, the website at the time seemed intriguing.
    The link provided in my above post has been altered.
    I printed it on 3/27/15. It now ends on page 6 of the 19 I printed.
    Pages 7-11 detail the arrest of the known tramps Doyle, Gedney, and Abrams arrested in the railroad yard behind the TSBD immediately after the assassination, including arrest reports.
    Pages 12-19 detail the arrest of a second set of tramps. This is documented by (WC) exhibit 1974, DPD officer William Bass to the Rockefeller Commission in 1974 and testimony by Officers Roy Vaughn and Marvin Wise to the HSCA.
    In essence the story is thus. After the initial search of of the railroad yard and arrest of the 1st three tramps tower supervisor Lee Bowers was given the ok to release trains to go about 2:00. When he did he observed three men running beside a train headed South over the triple underpass. They jumped on a boxcar. He observed one jumping into a following gondola (open grain car). He reported this to the DPD. They responded and and arrested three men hunkered down in the grain car approximately 1/2 mile from the TSBD. They took them to the Sheriff’s Department, then the DPD and they were finally released with no records of this. Weberman claims they were Frank Fiorini Sturgis, H. E. Hunt and a “Christ”.

    1. Weberman’s claims to the identity of the three arrested are based on his affiliation with known CIA asset Gerry Patrick Hemming, whose veracity is questionable. The arrest of three tramps at about 2:15-2:30 seem well documented. This does Seem to support the assertions of Hunt and Sturgis presence in Dealy Plaza. In the book Weberman refers to “David Lemar Christ, CIA Technical Services Division…chief of Audio Operations Branch…later imprisoned by Castro at the Isle of Pines.

  5. Much of the interpretation of the “Code” is questionable. Mr. Webermans prior work with Michael Canfield, Coup D’Etat in America was revolutionary for it’s time (1975), pointing fingers at the CIA, referencing Dr. Scott.
    The book, “The Oswald Code” is frustrating with no table of contents, index, bibliography, or references. It Does have some important information, E.G. interview with Sturgis.
    The online site for the book has important documented information on a second set of tramps picked up about 2:00. Read for yourself in the latter half here:


  6. Lots of interesting stuff and I could use a Russian translator. Page 18/19 I noticed West Berlin FRC (West Berlin government) a name of a “Tempolhofer Damm”, some lines like a map and signed Lee H. On the next page is the contact for George De Mohrenschildt who was a friend of Bush41 who, according to some CIA Miami Cuban exiles, (Phantom Fighters) was a recruiter and fund raiser for the Bay of Pigs invasion.

    The late Afternoon of the Assassination in Dallas, Bush 41 was meeting with FBI Director Hoover on the Shadow Chartered Bus after a secret pick up at the Houston Airport. I reported this fact I was set up to witness at an appointment in FBI headquarters, Tampa in August 91, when I was running against Bush41 as a Florida Write-in candidate.

      1. Jim, I think Mr. Kelly knew what a microdot is many years ago, he was joking. Then again Timothy Leary might have answered “son, that’s a form of LSD you shouldn’t try until your 21”.

    1. Roy W Kornbluth

      “Daddy–What’s a microdot?”
      Well, son, you have two kinds of microdots in 1963. First there’s the photograph miniaturized as tiny as can be, kind of a spy thing like James Bond. Then there’s the single dose of a drug pioneered by the CIA, which goes by the acronym LSD. Both are so small that they are almost invisible to the naked eye. And you are running with an advanced crowd if you know someone experienced with either.

      By the way, speaking of spy photography, what would you think of an impoverished young family-man owning one of those fancy Minox spy cameras, costing more than a month’s pay?

  7. The fact that a single page had been torn from the address book was noted in early ’64 and has been acknowledged as recently as 1998, just prior to the conclusion of the AARB. There is zero documented information of which I am aware to explain when and by whom the page was removed, so the content of the missing material remains a mystery. As far as I know, to date, there have been no attempts by NARA or the FBI to perform indentation tests which might produce additional information.

    1. “As far as I know, to date, there have been no attempts by NARA or the FBI to perform indentation tests which might produce additional information.”

      That may explain, how my father’s name got in Oswald’s address book.

    2. It surprises me that there is not a larger clamour for tests on the address book.

      ESDA or Electrostatic Detection Apparatus is the usual tool to examine indentations. There are videos and websites for those who want to know more about it.

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