Gayle Jackson Nix sues for her grandfather’s JFK film

The granddaughter of a man who caught the JFK assassination on camera wants $10 million in exchange for the film she says the government has possessed for over 50 years.

From Courthouse News:

Oliver Nix’s film depicts the assassination of President John F. Kennedy from the left of the presidential motorcade, opposite of the side depicted in the more famous Zapruder film.

The elder Nix bought a Keystone 8mm camera about a week before President Kennedy arrived in Dallas in 1963, according to a lawsuit filed by his granddaughter, Gayle Nix Jackson, in Federal Court. She sued the United States and the National Archives and Records Administration.
On the advice of a longtime golf and poker buddy who also happened to be the agent-in-charge of the Dallas Secret Service Office, Nix positioned his camera at the corner of Main and Houston Street, which happened to provide him with a unique vantage point on the fateful afternoon of Nov. 22, the complaint states.
Unlike the Zapruder film, the Nix film also depicts the grassy knoll that has been a target of conspiracy theorists for decades, as far back as 1965 when researcher Jones Harris claimed to have located the image of a second gunman in the Nix film, according to the complaint.
Although the image was debunked when United Press International, or UPI, enhanced the film, the theory of a second gunman on the grassy knoll persists to this day.
Nix eventually sold the film to UPI in exchange for a copy of the film, $5,000 and a new fedora hat, as well as a handshake agreement that the film would be returned 25 years later, according to Jackson’s lawsuit.

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  1. Gayle Nix Jackson

    Thank you all for the kind remarks and support. I too am happily surprised the Mainstream Media is running balanced reports on this. I’m also very surprised it is being so well-covered worldwide. I think this shows that people are not afraid of asking questions of this case anymore, or maybe its due to a younger generation now asking the same questions the generations before me and mine have for years. Mr. Okina, I would ask you to please contact me should you have more questions. You’re right, the FOUR DAYS book DID show my grandfather’s original film. It was published by UPI. As for the wrong film used by my grandfather, that is true. But both Moses Weitzman and Rollie Zavada told me that using indoor film should yield a lighter picture not a dark one as his is. I’m no photo expert, but both those men are. My grandfather and many others thought shots came from the knoll area. Mr Weitzman even saw evidence of a gunman in the original Nix film he worked on for UPI. I would like to find the camera original film to have it analyzed and at least put this argument to rest…Was there or wasn’t there a shooter behind the fence?

    1. Thanks your kind comment.
      Debate and Question-and answer is very good thing.
      I read so many technical book about
      gunshot wound,wound ballistics,so-called “bullet stoping
      power”,gunshot wound of neck,head,brain,gunshot spatter pattern.
      If Zapruder,Nix,Muchmore films are not altered,
      JFK shot from only back,not front.
      JFK’s spatter pattern is not a back-spatter.
      This pattern occured only contact-shot or
      semi-contact shot.
      I recommened you see a below item.
      “View point from JFK’s mortorgate,
      reproduce from google earth”
      (Sorry,I forget internet link).
      If grassy-knoll shooter is exist,this man
      clerly visible from JFK’s motorgate car’s.
      Grassy-knoll shooter’s evidence is only
      gunshot sound and puff of smoke.
      I think Lee Bowers can’t see a puff of smoke,
      because a puff of smoke is very little,between
      he and knoll distance is 114 meter,puff of smoke
      flying to a outside of knoll’s fence,he can’t
      see it.

      1. “JFK’s spatter pattern is not a back-spatter.
        This pattern occured only contact-shot or
        semi-contact shot.”~Hideji Okina

        This is not so. Backspatter DOES occur from distance shots as well.
        “Backspatter is blood ejected from the entry wound and travels against the line of fire, back towards the shooter. Although forward and back spatter pattern display some common features, there are also dissimilarities. Studying forward and back spatter patterns created during a singular incident identifies those differences. By differentiating between forward and back spatter in shooting incidents, the identification of the direction of the origin of force is possible.” (James, 2005).
        ‘Essential Forensic Biology’ By Alan Gunn
        . . . . .
        “Backspatter is blood ejected from the entry wound and travels against the line of fire, back towards the shooter. Although forward and back spatter pattern display some common features, there are also dissimilarities. Studying forward and back spatter patterns created during a singular incident identifies those differences. By differentiating between forward and back spatter in shooting incidents, the identification of the direction of the origin of force is possible (James, 2005).

        Scientific journals, books, and research published since the late 1980s indicate the blood observed in the Zapruder film displays the pattern shape of back spatter. It also extends from the wound area a distance characteristic of back spatter, particularly when correlated to blood documented elsewhere on the scene. The timing for the pattern creation and the dissipation rate identifies it as back spatter. In fact, all available information concerning the blood spatter pattern in the Zapruder film corresponds in every measurable manner with back spatter replicated in forensic laboratories and described in peer-reviewed publications since the late 1980s. Consequently, the only possible conclusion is the back spatter in the Zapruder film is genuine. Identifying the blood in the Zapruder film as back spatter signifies a shot from the front of President Kennedy.”~CSI Sherry Fiester


        1. Thanks your re-ply.
          My explanation is shortage.
          For example,
          “Practical Analysis and Reconstruction
          of Shooting Incidents” 296p,Figure 14.17
          is Forward and back spatter’s drawing.
          Not a contact shot,back spatter smaller than
          forward spatter.
          “Bloodstain Pattern Analysis(Tom Bevel,Ross
          Gardner)” explained so many time “Forward and
          Back spatter”,basically same explanation.
          And so many gunshot wounds book is same

          I read her(Fiester) book(THE ENEMY OF TRUTH) shortly after the publication.
          She is very brave women.
          I think she is not a liar,not a fabricator,
          just like almost assassination “resercher.”
          But her book partly excellent,partly good,partly bad,partly worst.
          She is completly misunderstand about south knoll area shooter (on the bridge) evidence.
          So called “back spatter” as not happen
          contact shot,just like a suiside.
          And JFK bussy hair prevent blood spouting from his head.
          Her theory basis “back spatter” experiment.
          But men’s head is not “a bloody sponge wrapped in tape(p232)”.
          This “back spatter” experiment method
          is severe flaud.
          First,distance shot not follow air
          into victims’ head,then back spatter is not
          as a contact shot.
          Second,if bullet enter the skin with hair,then back spatter is not as a suiside.
          And she is completly misunderstand about JFK’s head movement.
          She and Mr.Donald Thomas(in SEE NO EVIL)
          insist men’s head not moved bullet direction.
          But their claim is only “theory”.
          Today,we can see so many execution video from middle-east(maked by IS).
          From these image,bullet not move men’s head,bullet direction and opposite direction.
          But sit down and bend foward men hit from back,almost case they down to back.
          This is a fact,not a “theory”.
          After the hit,JFK’s (Head and Body) movement
          is double movement.
          First, his head slitly down forward,
          second his body violently back.
          First movement pattern is typical bullet hit.
          Just like a 1968 tet offensive “saigon execution”.
          Second movement is not.
          Before few years,I buy a so many treatise about a gunshot wound,war in wound.
          “Men’s body not move a bullet power”,this is a simple truth.
          JFK’s body movement after the head shot did’nt prove a bullet direction.

          Resercher’s(conspiracy believer) side
          igonored “Bullet not move men’s body”
          simple fact.
          Few men and women participate a this argument.
          Donald Thomas(“SEE NO EVIL”),Sherry Fiester(“ENEMY OF THE TRUTH”),Prof.Michael Kurtz
          They are brave,they challenged a assassination reserch-community taboo and so-called “Lone assassin believer”.
          But they are wrong,completely wrong,perhaps misunderstanding.

          For example,DiEugenio and Prof.Kurtz insist “Executing a Viet Cong Prisoner in Saigon”(1968)” is proved “bullet move men’s body theory”.
          Sherry Fiester insist “The Gelatin shot experiment proved ‘bullet move men’s body theory'”.
          Pat Speer insist “Robber shot hostage lady,
          then her head move to bullet direction”.
          No! After the head shot,Viet Cong downed toward bullet direction,but his head only slightly moved.
          The Gelatin block not moved,exit side two inches expand.
          JFK’s head movement is forward,backward
          movement only his body.
          Their evidence proved “Men’s body not move a bullet power”.
          Donald Thmoas calculated bullet power,he explain hunting bullet power is 300
          (sorry,I forget exact figure)foot-pounds.
          In theroretical,this calculation proved a JFK’s body movement.
          But his theory is trick,I checked his source.
          In theroretical,bullet kinetic energy move men’s body.
          But this energy use-up destruction of JFK’s head(entry side and exit side),deform of bullet,destruction of JFK’s brain.
          Kinetic energy not remain as body movement power.
          Sherry Fiester and Pat Speer explain JFK’s head wound as tangential wound,JFK’s spatter pattern as “back spatter”.
          Bullet come from front?
          No! If bullet come fron front,JFK’s skin rip to backward,pieces of JFK’s skull flying to backward.But not.
          Finally,(outstanding)”back spatter” is contact
          shot only,just like a suiside.
          Why she igonore 14 men(within 2 men are police) on the bridge?
          Perhape her “south knoll shooter(bridge)” theory based Mr.Dale Myers CG simulate.
          Mr.Myers CG is only simulate,only possibility.

  2. I’m Japanese assassination resercher.
    I read “Nix film”(2013) and I think this book is doubtful.
    Originally this film resolution is very low,because
    this film price is low,black scene is more black in film.
    I see a (perhaps)original frame in “Four Days”(1964).
    This film resolution is low.
    (Richard Trask explain this matter in his book
    From first,knoll area is dark,shooter(‘s figure) is none.

    And grassy knoll is not a (JFK’s)”right front” but
    “between the front and right,slightly upward”.
    Trejectory is not a “Front to back” but “Right to left”.
    Official reports again and again this simple explanation.
    For example “Clark Panel”(1968),Rockfeler report
    (JFK chapter,1975),HSCA(not a report,but a appendix,1978).
    But assassination reserch community igonoried.

    Why JFK’s spatter flying to right and upward?
    Why JFK’s back of right spatter is not seen a zapruder,nix,muchmore film?
    Zapruder film is altered? Nix film and muchmore film is too?
    Why so many Deley plaza people expalin JFK’s right and upward
    Grassy knoll shooter is not exist,this is a truth.

    1. “Keep on trolling, you might catch a carp sooner or later.”

      On the contrary, I think his information is quite good.

      1. Thanks your comment.I read your book first version.
        I’t so good.I want read update paperback ver.
        I’m former conspiracy-believer,just like you,Guss Russo,
        Dale K. Myers.
        Japanese 100% people believed conspiracy.
        Rencently,Japan-tv on-aired “JFK’s motoagate route changed by Earl Cabell”,”SS-man shot JFK”.
        In USA,only 60% people believed conspiracy.
        In past OSWALD’s mock trial movie and fiction
        is exist.I see and read these material.
        Black-and-white movie,ABC’s TV-movie,”PEOPLE VS
        LEE HARVEY OSWALD by Walt Brown”.
        Trial moive anticipate OSWALD’s innocent.
        Brown’s book trial ended OSWALD’s innocent(Only
        JFK killed,but Tippet case is gulity).
        But these mock trial fiction is not fair.
        Especially Brown’s book is so bad!
        In past,OSWALD’s real mock trial is open three times.
        1986 ver,12 of 12 jury vote his guilty.
        1992 ver,12 of 12(first),7 of 12(second),vote guilty.
        2013 ver,9 of 12 vote guilty.
        I think consiracy theory is only “theory”.
        But sad thing,my nation almost people believed
        this theory as “fact”,”truth”.

  3. The thing that always gets me is Jackie going back, onto the trunk of the limo, to pick up the grey matter. If the grey matter is in the back, on the trunk, doesn’t the shot have to have come from the front?

    1. Dick M,

      Debris from the head wound explosion went in all directions but primarily forward (see Z313). Brain matter fell on the Connallys and on the two agents in the front seat, and some went even further than that.

      1. Most of them fell to the rear, where Jackie climbed out to retrieve part of JFK’s brain, and across DPD motorcycle officer Bobby Hargis, to JFK’s left rear.

        1. Ronnie,

          No, most of it didn’t fall to the rear. Conspiracy books typically tell you about Jackie and Hargis, but usually omit the Connallys, Greer, and Kellerman, who were also splattered with brain debris.

          In addition, officer Buddy Walthers said that brain matter was found near the manhole cover down the street. There are photos (Walthers is the man in a dark hat):

          See this thread for more details:


          The map below says “material picked up by Walthers and others” at that location across from the knoll, well ahead of the limo position at Z313:

    2. that image of Jackie on the trunk of the limo is one that transfixed and confused millions of newspaper readers that evening as Ike Altgens’ famous AP photo depicts Clint Hill reaching the limo as Jackie retrieves something and returns to the back seat.
      when The Warren Commission deposed the former First Lady, they didn’t bother to ask her about her brief trip to the trunk of the car and heavily edited her detailed account of the nature of JFK’s wounds…
      it wasn’t until Clint Hill was interviewed by 60 Minutes decades later that the public finally heard from the closest eyewitness exactly what Jackie was doing on the back of the limo.
      that’s one of the reasons the Z-film remained under lock and key until Bob Groden liberated it in 1975: it showed Jackie’s movements, proving that she had a purpose — to snag a piece of her husband’s head that had flown backwards.
      Life magazine and a host of other careless (or coerced?) media outlets repeatedly characterized Jackie’s presence on the trunk as evidence that she was so panicked and horrified that she was somehow attempting to escape the death car…
      in their never-ending effort to support their predetermined scenario of a lone sniper firing from behind the official storytellers had no problem misrepresenting Jackie’s actions…

      1. If bullet enter to the head.
        Spatter and brain exit from entry side and
        exit side.
        Z-film spatter pattern is sniper firing from back.
        In Z-film,spatter pattern,JFK’s head(to front)
        and body(to back) movement after the shot,
        JFK’s head wound,all element proved a back shot.
        Z-file proved no front shot.
        Only 10gram bullet can’t move 80000gram JFK’s
        body,this is a common-sence among bullet professional.
        And,after the bullet destroyed JFK’s head,bullet
        kinetic energy almost nothing remain,bullet power
        can’t move JFK’s body.

  4. Not one comment on what the Nix film depicts?

    I see a very clear view of the Grassy Knoll. I don’t see many people on the Grassy Knoll, nor do I see evidence of a shooter on the Grassy Knoll.

    Doesn’t necessarily prove anything, just another datum of evidence.

    To folks who believe there was a shooter in front of the Limousine, does the Nix film help or hurt your case?

    1. “To folks who believe there was a shooter in front of the Limousine, does the Nix film help or hurt your case?”~David S

      The grassy knoll is not in front of the limousine, it is to the right side of the limousine.

      According to modern ballistic analysis the shoot was in front of the limousine on the S/W corner of Dealey Plaza on a rise just forward of the triple underpass.

  5. That film has been gone for YEARS.
    Like every person or film that showed any TRUTH in JFK’S assassination….they disappeared.
    And when you are dealing with the Government….there is no one higher to go to for help.
    I’ll be SHOCKED if she gets even a reply.

  6. Very glad you took this action, Gayle. Witness Gordon Arnold(the soldier who claimed he heard a shot whiz past his ear(and he was just in front of the fence at the grassy knoll, his back to the fence)at least got his camera back. The act of keeping your grandfather’s camera for all that time suggests to me that the film included the best proof of a conspiracy.

    1. unfortunately, Paul,
      Gordon Arnold can NOT be seen in the Nix film which offers a more-or-less straight-on view of the Grassy Knoll and the infamous picket fence. Arnold is also noticeably absent in the dozens of still photos taken in Dealey Plaza before and especially after the shooting.

  7. As noted on another thread I was surprised to see this covered by the Washington Post last week seeing how they normally publish nothing related to the assassination without a lone nut skew. I guess the 10 M got their attention too. But I was also surprised their article was at least somewhat balanced and of decent length.
    No idea what page it was on, I saw it via MSN.
    Their article did say the last known possession of the film was by the HSCA. Between the HSCA records and those still alive it would seem there would be some sort of trail relating to where it was last kept. Has anyone searched the ARRB records from the HSCA? Perhaps the related persons from the HSCA should be subpoenaed. It’s also notable Mr. Nix was directed to THAT location to film by the head of the Dallas Secret Service.

    1. Not only did Nix poker playing partner Forrest Sorrels direct him were to film in sequence with Zapruder. Sorrels knew exactly were Zapruder was to be found with Film. Never mind that DPD got there first, Zapruder would only give it up to Secret Service.

  8. Thank U Mz Nix Jackson. Hopefully more truth comes of this. The “Nix Film” shows much important info but what stands out to me that I don’t hear much about is how secret service officer Clint Hill riding on the limo behind the “Kennedy Limo”, has to hop off his vehicle, take a couple of strides to straighten out. then in a couple/few strides catches all the way up to the “Kennedy Limo”. Hill’s leg pressed all the way to the vehicle. His head & shoulders leaning past the vehicle. You can see this at 28 seconds into this version of the film. Then the vehicle accelerates pulling Mr Hill’s body away from the limo before he pulls himself onto the vehicle. I’ve never read about Clint Hill being a world class sprinter. He wasn’t starting from a sprinters stance. How slow was the presidential limo moving to allow this young man in shoes & a suit to catch all the way up to it ? Much controversy about the speed of the limo. Did it slow down ? Did it stop ? Well it had to be going clearly slower than Clint Hill could move under those circumstances. Can any experts out there help with the math ?

    1. The limo was traveling 9-11 mph, 5 feet behind it. Not the 20-25 mph, 20-25 feet behind it claimed by Agent in Charge Emory Roberts riding in the right front of the follow up car. The same was claimed by Agent John Ready riding on the right front running board who started to take action but was ordered not to move by Roberts. Survivor’s Guilt, pgs. 235-236.

      1. Also, many people saw it stop. Like Roy Truly. But that’s not on the Z-film even though witnesses did see it.
        Might the Nix original show such?

          1. On same blog, scroll down for Nix film in slo motion & enhanced.
            The limo doesn’t seem to completely stop, but Clint Hill’s legs start moving faster & faster to keep up.

          2. When I reflect on all these comments about did the limo come to a stop or just slow down, since some shots had already been fired, SSA Greer shouldn’t have done either-he should have gone faster to get out of harms way. Why didn’t he go faster, instead of commit a clear breach of Secret Service protocol?

      2. The motorcycles start to overtake the limo before it accelerates away so the limo surely slowed down quite a bit during the shooting. The driver turned around twice during the shooting and most likely came off the gas pedal when turning around.

    2. The motorcade was definitely going slower than Secret Service doctrine at the time called for. How the agency survived this (and subsequent scandals) in beyond me. If you were president, would you want those guys protecting you? They can’t even keep nuts off the white house lawn.

  9. As for the $10 million that seems to be the buzz point for all reporting this, I wish my attorney had written $10 billion. Either way, the original film is priceless for what it could or couldn’t show. I have my ideas, I have my grandfather’s words and I have the common sense to understand that losing a letter or file could be a clerical error. Losing a piece of historical evidence is another thing entirely. Add to that keeping my grandfather’s camera for several months then returning it in pieces so damaged it could never recreate another film makes me think either my grandfather had the worst luck of any witness to the assassination or something is not right. I have searched for this film since I first found it was missing. This is probably my last chance at getting an answer as to what happened. It is my hope that if we can get the government to answer this question, maybe it will open the dam to answering the rivers of others.

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