‘11.22.63’ Trailer: James Franco time travels to save JFK

Hulu reveals the first footage teaser trailer of its upcoming time-travel thriller ‘11.22.63,’ starring James Franco and produced by Stephen King and JJ Abrams.

Source: ‘11.22.63’ Trailer: James Franco Time Travels to Save JFK


  1. ed connor says:

    Maybe Steven King should have sent James Franco to Miami, to meet George Joannindes, or to Washington, to meet Howard Hunt, David Atlee Philips and James Jesus Angelton, or to New Orleans, to meet Carlos Marcello. Then he might have succeeded in rewriting history.
    But, then again, Steven King, like the Photonistas, is a master of fantasy, not reality.

  2. Dan Hardway says:

    The book is a page turner, but the assassination information is pure propaganda, if the series follows the book. Interesting timing though as it will run before the next document declassification and will use a strong medium to replant the official story in a, probably, very entertaining way, that will not invite critical thought or analysis.

  3. MDG says:

    Have always thought the man to the back and left of Zapruder looking back through white structure is significant. He seems to be reacting to a shot coming through structure from area behind Grassy Knoll.

    The Truth is ultimately far more interesting than a Stephen King novel entitled 11.22.63.

  4. GM says:

    The TV series Quantum Leap had an episode on JFK’s assassination. Dean Stockwell (Al) and Scott Bakula (Sam) starred in it. They appear to have gone for the lone assassin theory:


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