KGB man talks about his time with Oswald

As a historian of the Cold War, I found these comments by retired KGB officer  Nikolai Leonov, to be fascinating. Whatever you think of his ideological convictions,Leonov was an effective secret intelligence professional for decades, a foe that CIA men like James Angleton and Win Scott had to respect..


  1. DG Michael says:

    Like Hoover said to Johnson on the recording, the man who was in Mexico was not the same man sitting in the Dallas jail the night of the assassination. So I’m doubtful of this Russian guy’s story.

    • Arnaldo M. Fernandez says:

      Well, we know that LHO was impersonated by phone on September 28 and October 1, 1963. And that the photo provided by the CIA as LHO in Mexico City was a hoax. But both the Cubans and the Soviets have clearly identified the Oswald in their diplomatic compounds as the one who broke the news in Dallas, even by expertise of his photo and signature in the visa application at the Cuban consulate.

  2. Jason L. says:

    Reading between the lines, I guess he’s acknowledging that the Oswald he saw was the same Oswald that Ruby shot, which is interesting. Apparently one of the employees at the Cuban embassy (Azcue) produced a picture (documented on the CD to the book Harvey and Lee, by John Armstrong) from inside that building that showed the “Oswald” that visited there, and it wasn’t the Oswald that was shot by Ruby.

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