Morley v. CIA decision

Here is the decision of Judge Stephen Williams in the Morley v CIA lawsuit concerning certain long-suppressed CIA records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.



  1. Vanessa says:

    Has the court entirely missed the significance of Joannides being the liaison for the CIA at the HSCA while having these undisclosed connections to DRE?

    That’s why anything about him relating to the assassination is in the public interest imho. He wasn’t just some guy who was a case officer for DRE when Oswald was involved with them.

    Or have I missed something? Anyway great result.

    Congratulations to both Jeff and Jim.

  2. bogman says:

    It looks like the judge is throwing in his two cents on the case, from the conventional inside-the-beltway POV.

  3. Ronnie Wayne says:

    Sounds like he’s trying to placate both Jeff (and many of the rest of us) as well as those inside the beltway.

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