Kennedy family believes CIA killed JFK, says RFK  Jr. in new book

RFK Jr. on his uncle’s murder

Since the publication of David Talbot’s groundbreaking book, Brothers, the story of Robert Kennedy’s suspicions about his brother’s murder have come to light.

RFK’s son shares those same suspicions, which he voiced in a Dallas appearance in 2013 and now details in a new book.

In the candid memoir, American Values: Lessons I learned from My Family, RFK Jr. ripped the lid off of the family’s best kept secrets. He confessed it was his father, Robert F. Kennedy, who doubted the intentions of the government’s intelligence agency. “My dad immediately suspected that the CIA had killed Uncle Jack,” RFK Jr. wrote.

Source: Kennedy Family Believes CIA Killed JFK, Robert Jr. Claims In New Book

10 thoughts on “Kennedy family believes CIA killed JFK, says RFK  Jr. in new book”

  1. robert e williamson jr

    I have no idea how high a level Secret service was involved but they somehow failed to protect RFK.

    I can hear the groan already but here goes.

    Every wonder how it could be that RFK was also murdered?

    Based only on the fiasco that the JFK murder became I would like to posit a theory based on the question above.

    We or many of us assume based on detailed evidence that CIA is covering for those involved in JFK’s murder. Why?

    Why? We really don’t know why but we have good reason to believe that all roads lead back to CIA who, it is now revealed knew all about LHO.

    Once appearances made it clear that Robert Kennedy might be elected as president the CIA had a very real problem. RFK needed to die also. It was a risk they were not able or willing to take.

    Former top law official in the land, Robert becoming president presented a clear and obvious danger to the conspirators, for he knew first hand many of the back stories/investigations/court orders ongoing at the time of JFK’s death. Stories that would become buried by the likes of DOJ after his death and Robert’s vacancy at DOJ.

    Anyone with a pulse and brain would have surmised that Robert would be in vicious pursuit of his slain brothers killers.

    They had killed one Kennedy and now they HAD to kill another or risk being discovered.

    As much as CIA leadership would have your believe they carefully weigh risks and take them constantly they don’t. They pay other people to take those risks. They risk anyone and everyone else but they hide their personal risks behind their “sources and methods” catchall defense, “professional lying” protected by a bullshit law… one that CIA insisted on having at their disposal.

    At the time of JFK’s murder CIA was headed by war mongers, I mean ordering Francis Gary Powers to overfly Russia taking pictures on May 1.. 1960, seriously. Ike was kept in the dark, tak and was reported to be furious because he had not been in the loop, stated he never wanted to see Allen Dulles’ face again.

    Does anyone here realize what Russian and much of the world celebrates on May 1 every year? For the sake of DOG give me strength.

    Thanks Jeff.

  2. How high did it get in the Secret Service? I know a retired SS Agent from the time period who retired in ’87 as 3rd highest ranking member.

  3. RFK Jr is definitely not buying the cover-up. Hopefully, his expressing of his opinion will encourage other family members (such as his cousin, Caroline) to step up and let their voice be heard. Perhaps this will be a help in revealing the truth.

  4. it’s pretty well documented that on the afternoon of 11/22/63 RFK spoke with CIA Director John McCone and Bobby suggested that the Agency was complicit in the Dallas ambush. McCone, who had an ITT and Atomic Energy Commission background, seemed out of his element when it came to dark ops such as Mongoose, but he had signed off on same, letting loose unscrupulous agents such as Bill Harvey, E. Howard Hunt, Dave Phillips, David El Indio Morales and even Johnny Roselli…McCone tried to deny CIA culpability, but it’s clear that Bobby didn’t buy it…

  5. Michael Murphy

    He has also raised speculation on his Father’s death. This is also a huge step for researchers that the Kennedy family become involved to seek the truth for themselves and the American people. I believe with the passing of time and so many people who were involved with these assassinations, that answers may also be stumbled upon by living relatives of those who took part in the assassination and coverup.

  6. I think a shot-from-the-front-blame-the-Carcano-owner-in-the-rear-conspiracy by the CIA is absurd. The best/worst that can be said for any conspiracy theory is the conclusion driven research of WC and HSCA.

    Reference here is apparently to information from FBI’s SOLO (Morris Childs). Text offers that KGB “now” has information that LBJ killed JFK.

    Note last paragraph of the _transmittal_ letter. And that document recounts information derived from the anonymous source without ANY INTERPRITATION and that SOLO/Childs is not mentioned even in TS to LBJ’s personal aide.

  7. Robert Kennedy Jr., has just become a new hero to me.

    Now if Caroline would have the same denouement and take a stand that would be AMAZING!

    1. Florence Hupf

      Robert Kennedy, Jr. became MY hero when, as governor, he kept the bank reps. off college campuses in his State. He wiped out kids whose parents had good credit, giving the kids credit cards, unbeknownst to said parents!! I wanted to vote him for President, and I was a Republican.

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