RFK Jr. supports new investigation of his father’s death

Paul was a close friend and advisor to my father. He was standing beside my father when Daddy was killed and Paul was himself wounded by a bullet. With boundless energy and clear mind, Paul continues to pursue my father’s ideas, an endeavor to which he has devoted his life. He organized with the support of my mother and my family the building of the new Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools on the former Ambassador Hotel site. Paul and his team…strongly believe this new evidence is conclusive and requires a new investigation. I agree and support his request for a new investigation.

Source: The Full Story of the Sirhan Sirhan Parole Hearing – WhoWhatWhy

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  1. There is much information about false evidence in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is partly responsible for not giving this case the attention it deserves.
    My own research uncovered massive frauds with the ballistics evidence,e.g. switched bullets, falsification of official reports, the Grand Jury not reporting the serial number of the gun they received in evidence and on and on.
    Rose Lynn Mangan

  2. After public statements made by the King family in 1999, it’s nice to see Kennedy family members follow suit by speaking out on the bogus official investigations into the assassinations.

  3. Even Bugliosi believed that the RFK assassination was a conspiracy,while rejecting a conspiracy in the JFK assassination.

  4. Here’s something to think about. Since the Senate was first established in 1789, only two U.S. Senators have ever been assassinated: Huey Long and Robert F. Kennedy. Both of these Senators were unusually popular left-wing figures who were widely considered to be major threats to the status quo. Of the nearly 2,000 people who have served in the Senate, those were the two who got assassinated. The only two.

    Similarly, of every single president who has served since America’s rise to global dominance, the only one who was assassinated was also, by far, the most popular one. He was also the one with the most progressive and far-sighted vision of America’s role in the world, the one who broke the federal government’s century-long indifference to civil rights, the one who vowed to bring the CIA under control, and the only one who called for his country to make the pursuit of world peace its top priority. The only one.

    And we wonder why people believe in conspiracy theories.

  5. If RFK JR really want’s a new investigation into his Father’s death then it will take more than this. The 2013 comment’s in Dallas regarding JFK were largely ignored but important. This appears to be receiving the same treatment but is also important.
    If he really want’s to do this it will take use of the Family name and personal public effort on his part, not withstanding consideration of his personal safety.

  6. The Kennedy brothers were hated by the powers-that-be. John Kennedy was not even supposed to be president – they all thought it was going to be Dick Nixon, who most probably would have sent in the military during the Bay of Pigs, causing WWIII or the end of the world. John Kennedy showed restraint, refusing to send in the military. This was the trigger that caused a huge scare among the government and the “final straw” was when he refused, once again, to use military force during the Cuban Missile Crisis. After getting rid of him, these same powers-that-be knew Bob Kennedy had to be kept from being elected in 1968.
    DG Michael Feb 17/16

    The Bay of Pigs and Cuban Missile Crisis looms large in the Kennedy Mystery.

    Also no one wanted to be President more than Nixon and he ultimately attained the Presidency.

    It is a certainty there were those who hated JFK. Also RFK. And they acted on that knowing they could get away with it.

    There were definitely those who benefited from the two Assasinations.

    It is also true Crime of the Century remains unsolved as designed.

  7. Hello can anyone please explain about the black tie laying on the ground in the hotel kitchen photos? I cannot seem to find a lot on this . Is it true RFK was trying to grab hold of the shooter ? Thanks

      1. RFK couldn’t pull anybody’s tie off. When he was shot his hands went into immediate spasm assuming the clenched position seen immediately after he was shot. They were not relaxed again until he started to lose consciousness after his shirt was opened.
        By the way, one of the 13 impulses that the acoustic ” experts” claimed were gunshots is somebody yelling “ow! “- presumedly one of the victims.

          1. A 1975 ballistics review of the case including analyzing all of the bullets recovered from the victims including microscopic analysis of the recovered slugs concluded that they all came from the same gun
            Tell us Willy, how could RFK pull the tie off of anybody if his hands were clenched in a fist? Or maybe the the most famous picture of the assassination of RFK was faked. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

          2. Ballistics Reviews

            Ted Charach produced a documentary entitled “The Second Gun” in 1970, and questions continued to grow around the RFK case in the early 1970s. Criminalistics professor Herbert MacDonnell had signed an affidavit in 1973 stating that a bullet removed from RFK’s neck, exhibit #47, could not have been fired from Sirhan’s gun. He further stated that, based on the differing number of cannelures (grooves), it could not have been fired from the same gun as exhibit #54, a bullet removed from victim William Weisel. In a 1974 public hearing, California state crime lab veteran Lowell Bradford concurred.

            In 1975, a court-appointed panel of seven ballistics experts was convened. While the headlines coming from the panel’s work read “RFK Second Gun Theory Ruled Out,” the reality was more subtle. Lowell Bradford, one of the panel members, said the question of a second gunman was “more open than before.”

            Subsequent research has uncovered serious problems with the marking of evidence bullets. Following the trail of Pasadena criminalist William Harper, researcher Rose Lynn Mangan discovered evidence of a switch of crime scene bullets. For example, she found that the Kennedy neck bullet (#47), which should have a “TN31” etched in its base, instead says “DWTN.” There is reason to believe that even the Sirhan gun was swapped with another gun. LAPD criminologist DeWayne Wolfer had in fact introduced into evidence at Sirhan’s trial the test gun, and represented it as the murder weapon, despite the different serial numbers.
            It is worth noting that the 1975 panel discovered that two bullets allegedly removed from Sirhan’s car contained traces of wood on both the base and the tip. Were these bullets dug out of the door frame?
            In 2004, a tape recording which featured the gunfire in the pantry surfaced. Made by Polish freelance journalist Stanislaw Pruszynski, the tape was analyzed by a team led by Philip Van Praag, who announced that the tape revealed thirteen shots fired in the space of five seconds. Sirhan’s gun could hold only eight bullets. As in the JFK acoustics evidence, this finding is the subject of debate.



          3. Tell us Willy, how could RFK pull the tie off of anybody if his hands went into spasm with the head shot?
            Who wrote your Mary Ferrell article?
            I put my money on real experts, not undocumented amateurs.

          4. “Tell us Willy, how could RFK pull the tie off of anybody if his hands went into spasm with the head shot?”~Dr. Photon

            Prove that RFK’s “hands went into spasm with the head shot”.

            As for the rest of your comment, you are cherry picking your ‘experts’ as usual.

          5. You want to talk “ballistics” Photon?

            Noguchi proved that the fatal shot was fired into the back of Kennedy’s head, behind the right ear, from an upward angle, and from a distance of no more than one-and-a-half to three inches away.

            Sirhan Sirhan was NEVER closer than two feet from Kennedy.

            Kennedy was shot by Ace Security guard Thane Eugene Cesar. CASE CLOSED.

          6. How do you know that he wasn’t closer than two feet? How do you know exactly how closely anybody actually saw him before firing the shots? If all of the witnesses were so observant and positive of where everybody was, how did Sirhan get loose and pull the trigger a couple of more times before he was subdued again-did you forget that?
            If Noguchi was so positive that Sirhan didn’t fire the shots, why didn’t he mention it in the autopsy report or any other official document?

          7. “How do you know that he wasn’t closer than two feet?”~Photon

            Paul Schrade’s testimony. Sirhan did not break loose anytime after he was brought down – he did fire a couple of stray shots while being held down. He was never any closer than two feet and always in front of Kennedy. The shots came from behind.

            Get over it Photon, you have nothing.

          8. Schrade’s original testimony was that the first that he knew RFK was shot was after he had been shot and another person told him that he would be OK. That person then told him that RFK had been shot.
            He said nothing about who shot RFK.

          9. Okay Photon, name one witness who saw Sirhan closer than three feet to RFK and saw Sirhan behind RFK.

            You know where the bullet entered Kennedy’s head, not put Sirhan there in position to fire that bullet.

            While your at it explain the bullets in the tiles and door jams, and the fact that the LAPD destroyed all of that evidence and thought they had destroyed all the photo evidence.

            Explain ANYTHING that can prove Sirhan guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, given these mitigating points of evidence.

          10. RFK Assassination As It Happened Pat 1of 3- YouTube @ 7:25.
            Sirhan admitted it-isn’t that a problem you CTers have with Oswald?
            Sirhan had a motive and stated it-isn’t that the problem you CTers have with Oswald?
            Sirhan admitted taking target practice with the gun and admitted owning it-isn’t that the problem you have with Oswald?
            Everybody present could put that gun in Sirhan’s hand at the place where the assassination took place-isn’t that the problem you have with Oswald?
            Sirhan expressed negative comments toward RFK-and documented them in his diary-isn’t that the problem you have with Oswald?
            Your supposed shooter had a .22 pistol. But what Securith Guard anywhere carries a .22 as a sidearm while on Guard duty?

          11. Go to RFK Assassination As It Happened Part 2 of 3 on YouTube @ 1:44 to see RFK’s hands.
            Not all of the fired rounds were recovered fron the victims-where did they go Willy? Did they disappear like the multiple shots claimed to have been taken during JFK’s assassination? Or perhaps they went on to penetrate walls, or ricochet off of floors. And perhaps the bullet holes claimed to exist years later weren’t even bullet holes-the Ambassador was not a new hotel .
            If you have doubts watch the Ken Boxer interview with Rafer Johnson.

  8. Welcome to the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. Your right Willy. If ever there was a judicial travesty the RFK Assassination has to be near the top.
    The 13 shots alone from a what 5-6 shot pistol make it impossible Sirhan was another lone nut. The LAPD took their cue’s from the Dallas keystone cops. That the American Public seems to care less than nothing about the Facts in the RFK case is a direct result of the Main Stream Media’s failure to report the subject accurately, or at all. If WhoWhatWhy was the NYT or Washington Post the investigation would have already begun. But the 1% own them and the rest, they feed and educate the kids of the reporters and editors.

    1. Ronnie, do you ever check the facts before posting?
      Sirhan’s Iver Johnson Cadet was an EIGHT round revolver firing .22 LR rounds.
      Even though it was a piece of junk it certainly could account for all of the wounds suffered during the assassination attempt. It was RFK’s horrible luck ( and non-existent security) that Sirhan was able to fire a round only inches from his skull that propelled bone fragments into his midbrain-probably the only place in the brain that made a fatal outcome likely with such a small round. Once he lost consciousness the prognosis was dismal.
      The real crime in the RFK assassination had nothing to do with the LAPD and everything to do with the incredible lack of security around RFK despite the murder of his brother and recent murder of King.

      1. http://www.tactical-life.com/firearms/israeli-mossad-22-lrs/#mossad-22-lsr-beretta-70
        The Beretta Model 70 and the functionally identical Model 71, both in .22 LR, have served with great distinction as the signature terminator pistol of the Mossad, the premiere intelligence agency of the State of Israel. The Beretta 70 was also carried by Israeli Sky Marshals.

        .22 LR commonly used by organized crime “hit men,” as well. Easy to suppress sound and less risk of
        round passing through body of target.

        I dated this woman a couple of years after this “incident”.:

        Bob shut off the alarm from a panel in the upstairs bedroom, then reached for his Glock 9mm semiautomatic pistol under a stack of clothes in a closet…..

        She took one shot in her left knee – by far the most damaging; two to her left shoulder; one that skimmed the left side of her chin and neck, just missing the carotid artery; one to the bottom of her left foot; one to the back of her right ankle; and one to her right temple, just above her ear….

      2. “Sirhan’s Iver Johnson Cadet was an EIGHT round revolver firing .22 LR rounds.”~Photon

        You’re still FIVE rounds short inspector Photon.

        You have discounted Paul Schrade’s eyewitness testimony.

        You hand-wave Pruszynski Recording showing evidence of 13 shots and 2 guns.

        You dismiss Noguchi’s autopsy report stating the shot that killed RFK was fired from an inch behind his ear. Sirhan was never anywhere near that close to Kennedy.

        You in fact have to disregard all of the evidence in this case to support the official story.

      3. Photon, from all accounts based on witness statements, SS was never near enough, nor behind RFK, to have been able to fire bullets point-blank into his skull. SS was nothing more than a diversion, firing away wildly, causing people to duck and dive, while Thane Cesar pulled out his gun and fired the fatal skull shots from behind. Do you really think the powers-that-be back then wanted another Kennedy in the White House after having already blasted the first one out of office? Even if SS’s gun only held eight bullets, that’s still five bullets too many based on the audio recording.

        1. Since RFK doesn’t come up too often in JFK assassination discussions, I’ve always been curious how the Warren apologists deal with the even more obvious evidence of more than one shooter in RFK. I guess Photon is answering my question here. “Sirhan acted alone” ends quickly with Noguchi’s report. I suspect one reason so many fewer people (by comparison) know the shocking implications of the evidence in RFK is that it seems “a bridge too far” when the JFK discussion is never resolved. In other words, likely as it is there were conspiracies in each case (throw in MLK), it “seems” paranoid to make multiple charges of unreported conspiracies all at once. But the facts say what the facts say.

          1. SaxD, the facts do say what the facts say.
            My pet theory: The assassinations of a sitting president (JFK), the charismatic head of the civil rights movement (Dr. King), and JFK’s brother, Robert Kennedy, a sitting U.S. senator and presidential candidate — these events, one right after another, were so shocking and violent that many people simply couldn’t process them.
            They seemed so far outside the normal bounds of human existence and behavior that they simply couldn’t be placed in the conventionally-understood narrative of human existence.
            In other words, we ignore what we can’t understand. (And what the government failed to make understandable to us.)
            That might help account for the fact that two seemingly contradictory things exist at once in relation to the JFK assassination, at least: Most Americans have long doubted the Warren Commission’s version of the event — yet there has never been a big, sustained public demand for disclosure of all government-held information on 11/22.
            Oliver Stone did manage to light a fire under Congress with “JFK” but that came and went.

      4. Sirhan did not fire inches from RFK’s skull. He was several feet away hitting people and the wall/door facing from the front while RFK was hit from behind only. The LAPD destroyed the wall evidence.

        1. If memory serves again… The observant investigators of the LAPD took down the door facings and wall as evidence that for some unknown reason was never used as such According to pictures it shows evidence of multiple missed shots from the front. They later routinely destroyed this evidence in an “unsolved” crime.

  9. Nothing new here. The Kennedy brothers were hated by the powers-that-be. John Kennedy was not even supposed to be president – they all thought it was going to be Dick Nixon, who most probably would have sent in the military during the Bay of Pigs, causing WWIII or the end of the world. John Kennedy showed restraint, refusing to send in the military. This was the trigger that caused a huge scare among the government and the “final straw” was when he refused, once again, to use military force during the Cuban Missile Crisis. After getting rid of him, these same powers-that-be knew Bob Kennedy had to be kept from being elected in 1968. And it was a November and June redux – Krazy Kids with guns killing our “beloved” Kennedys – five years apart.

  10. This information on the RFK assassination has been available for years and years. This travesty of justice has stood all of this time only because of the intransigence of the lying, bullying Public Relations Regime; euphemistically called the Mainstream Media. It is not news nor information given there, it is propaganda and mind control.


    Schrade then directed the panel’s attention to documents submitted in advance of the hearing, which proved “Sirhan Sirhan did not shoot — and could not have shot — Robert Kennedy”:

    A copy of the autopsy report describing the fatal shot fired from an inch behind Kennedy’s right ear; Phil Van Praag’s declaration showing evidence of 13 shots and 2 guns on the Pruszynski recording; and witness statements from Ambassador Hotel maître d’s Karl Uecker and Edward Minasian confirming Sirhan’s firing position several feet in front of Kennedy. Together, he said, these documents proved:

    Sirhan only had full control of his gun at the beginning, when he fired his first two shots, one of which hit me. Sirhan had no opportunity to fire four precisely placed, point-blank bullets into the back of Bob Kennedy’s head or body while he was pinned against that steam table and while he and Bob were facing each other.

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