JFK smackdown: Roger Stone v. Gerald Posner

On November 22, Roger Stone, a master of dirty politics (“LBJ did it”) debated Gerald Posner, a persistent defender of the Warren Commission. (“Oswald did it.”).

I don’t find either theory convincing as I explained on Miami talk radio that same day. 

Neither theoretician addresses, much less explains, the CIA’s curious clandestine role in the events leading to JFK’s death.



From a 5-Star Amazon review of Jefferson Morley’s 

 CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files

“Can’t imagine a more meticulous take down of the CIA’s decades-long subterfuge surrounding the assassination.”


CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, provides the fullest account of the role of CIA operations officers in the events leading to the death of JFK.

Another five-star Amazon review:

“Highly recommended to all readers wanting to learn the truth on matters that the Government still fights to keep secret, some 53 years after the tragic event.”

 CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files




5 thoughts on “JFK smackdown: Roger Stone v. Gerald Posner”

  1. Where is the evidence Oswald fired a rifle?

    Only one person in a plaza full of witnesses claimed to have seen a white man 5′ 11″ in the east window.

    A half dozen people saw a heavy-set man in the western window. A photo of the building taken seconds after the shooting conveniently has the western window cropped out.

    No-one anywhere can place LHO on the 6th floor at the time of the shooting much less with a rifle. Occum’s razor…he’s in the lunch room on the first floor 7-15 minutes before the shooting, verified by at least two witnesses. He’s on the 2nd floor drinking a coke 90 seconds after the shooting, verified by the superintendent and a cop. Does it really make sense to anyone that in the intervening 7 to 15 minutes he ran upstairs set-up a sniper’s nest, fired a rifle that was hidden who knows where, then runs downstairs to act normal? Or does it make more sense that he eats his lunch then grabs a come and that’s pretty much the story of his routine.

    LHO also had no motive to kill JFK. None whatsoever. what’s more the first three cops that saw a rifle said it was a Mauser. There is absolutely no evidence LHO was a shooter.

    If ya wanna discuss tippit that’s another matter. Who pulled the trigger or triggers on him is open to question and it’s possible LHO was a shooter there although the evidence placing him there is suspect as well.

  2. I read Case Closed by Gerald Posner quite recently, sometime this year. I thought it was noteworthy that Posner admitted that Jack Ruby probably was at Parkland Hospital right after the shooting in Dealey Plaza, and that Seth Kantor was correct that he saw him there.

  3. I don’t believe LBJ is the mastermind but I’m damn glad Roger Stone has the profile he does and calls attention to the idea that we’ve been lied to for 53 years.

    Gerald Posner on the other hand has no serious argument it’s virtually all attacks and he even allows on at least 2 occasions in this debate for evidence that could change his mind. That notion alone, that new evidence could sway him undermines the book and term “Case Closed”. And what’s really laughable is he thinks Oswald would stick around the building asking about the assassination. Where the hell did he get that idea from? Is he on something? Or did I miss a joke?

    Finally, his notes about mysterious deaths needs to be dealt with.

    God I’d love to debate posner or other LHO apologists in a public forum. Show the nix film with the errandt billet strike on the pavement, show the photo with the west window obscured, show mccone’s letter re LHO, show hovers letters/nemo’s re LHO, show LBJ talking about the WC, quote morales, phillips, angleton, Harvey, and refer to the evidence you’ve found Jeff.

    Posner would get destroyed.

    1. oswald could not leave fast enough as Cops entered the building. I’m sure he probably had no idea he could walk out after the encounter with Police. Then he did what most people did that day …went home and got another gun and shot a Cop and went to a movie….I am open to other involvement and cia / fbi incompetence but evidence is overwhelming oswald was firing a rifle that day

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