Talking JFK on WIOD in Miami

I’ll be talking about my new JFK book with WIOD radio talk show host Fernand Amandi in Miami on Friday morning at 11 am ET.  Want to talk about it?WIOD

You can call in with questions or comments at 866-610-6397. You can listen live anywhere on the planet on or by downloading the iheartradio mobile app.

I will be joined by Brian Latelll, a retired CIA Cuba analyst known for his somewhat conspiratorial analysis of the JFK story. This going to be a very interesting show.

You can order the book on Amazon here.


16 thoughts on “Talking JFK on WIOD in Miami”

  1. I just finally listened to this today. “the biggest Mystery in American History”, quite a catchy phrase Jeff.
    Latell seems to be walking a tightrope but toeing the official line. I.E. I support release of the files, but Castro could have done it. Jeff’s cordial response is appropriate considering the situation. Exposure on a MSM IHeart source is important, especially in Florida, the home of JMWAVE.
    Regarding redaction’s and/or Presidential withholding of files in October 2017… If GHWB was a recruiter for Operation 40 in relation to the Bay of Pigs for the CIA on 61-62 then the files will be withheld or redacted at least in part whether he is alive then or not. The Clintons have adapted a mutual admiration/protection attitude with at least the elder Bush’s.

  2. Enjoyed listening in to Jeff and Brian Latell today.
    Just two questions:
    Where was that phone call from Quantico, and
    How do I order that $3 Viagra?

  3. There is a woman named Amaryllis Fox who was/claims to be an ex CIA Clandestine and counter terrorism, intelligence agent. She has come out as a peace activist and has had some things to say about how things are not what they seem as a few amass a “great deal of power and wealth by convincing the rest of us to keep killing each other”. It seems she has given a ‘Ted Talk’. I was wondering if ‘you’ know about her and what is thought about Mz Fox. Sounds like she might be a good interview for Jeff Morley.

  4. Jeff – please point out to Latell that his Cuban source that Casro had him listen for radio broadcasts from Texas – possibly even AF1 radio broadcasts is not an indication that Castro had foreknowledge of the assassination as he attests but only that Castro knew JFK would be in Texas – not a state secret.

    I would also ask if Castro had the AF1 radio tape recorded as the Cubans may have an unedited copy of such broadcasts they could share with us since our own government seems to have lost our tapes.

    I will also add Latell to the growing list of blatant disinformation sources Dan Hardway mentions in his deposition, John Newman refers to in Where Angels Tread Lightly, Peter Dale Scott discusses in Deep Politics 3 and I write about in my latest blogpost on Black Prop Ops being the covert crack in the Dealey Plaza operation at

    1. Ramon F Herrera

      Hi Bill:

      Please take a look at the following JFKFacts post from last summer:

      (don”t bother clicking on the links as both are broken).

      At the time, as you know now, I was doing unsolicited voluntary work for the National Archives. Having full, unimpeded access to the NARA database allowed me to narrow down easily these two very relevant records:

      RIF 180-10084-10472 Official transcript of the AF1 tape.
      RIF 178-10003-10255

      Just type 180-10084-10472 and the other number in the field “RIF Record Number”:

      Let’s make a deal: leave the computer work to Rex Bradford and me, while you CAPA folks do the FOIA and similar projects.

      At this point I must confess total ignorance. Do the following demands fall under FOIA?

      • “We request a full explanation about record No. 180-10084-10472. How many minutes of transmission are covered?” (I am sure you can think of more questions)

      • “Next time The People demand to see some document with many numbers, would you be so kind to produce it in fully readable computer form?” (*)

      (*) This is what NARA did with the Michael Ravnitzky request: They had it in a spreadsheet, but instead of releasing that original Excel file, they scanned it at the WORST possible resolution and put it inside a PDF file, warts and all. That is an insult to the American people. They sabotaged their own work. I had to hire a lady in Sri Lanka to perform computerized AND eye character recognition, triple checked (she spent a week working on it) in order to finally produce the spreadsheets that I gave you.

      1. Yes Ramon – it is a deal. You and Rec are the best.
        I am the chairman of the CAPA Research Education and Development (RED) committee and as such am responsible for liaison with the NARA and Congressional oversight committees, and will be reaching out to the Archivist soon, requesting he see to the enforcement of the JFK Act. We are also asking the AOTUS for a meeting to go over some of the outstanding issues and will certainly include the ones you bring up, and could include you and Rex in the meeting if he agrees.

        As for the official transcript record you refer to, if it is the transcript provided by the LBJ library that came with the cassette tapes of AF1 radio conversations – it misidentifies stations like Liberty – actually the Collins Radio relay station in Cedar Rapids Iowa, and was wrong on so many other points I constructed my own transcript that is more accurate.

        I encourage those who want to be active or support those of us that are doing something to join and support CAPA as we are a political action committee that will be very active in the next few years. BK

        1. Bill, folks like Tom Kneitel amateur callsign K2AES, indentified and listed U.S. Gov’t frequencies back in the 60’s and many of such listings were included in publications of the day such as Electronics Illustrated.

          There may have been dozens of shortwave radio “mavens” listening to the AF1 comms on 11/22/63.

          Back in the day, monitoring government comms was a highly engaging activity, and following the presidential aircraft around as it flew was a very popular part of the hobby.

    2. I will also add Latell to the growing list of blatant disinformation sources Dan Hardway mentions in his deposition,

      Interesting that for the buffs, Latell can’t be just another buff with just another theory.

      No, he has to be a “disinformation source.”


      Because instead of blaming the people the buffs hate (the CIA, anti-Castro Cubans, etc.) he blames somebody the buffs don’t dislike (Castro).

      1. “Interesting that for the buffs, Latell can’t be just another buff with just another theory.
        No, he has to be a “disinformation source.”

        Why, because Latell reanimates the original fearmongering tale that LBJ told to Warren to sucker him into heading the committee that Hoover and LBJ cooked up; that if it was discovered that Castro had ordered the assassination of JFK, a nuclear war could ensue in which millions of Americans would die.

        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

  5. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    It will be interesting if Latell can explain how he is foisting a “conspiracy of silence” on Castro instead of doing it on the CIA. And the radio show would be even more interesting if Jeff leaves Latell with his back on the wall by demonstrating that the more he tries to link Castro to Oswald, the CIA becomes more suspicious of having taken part in the JFK assassination.

    1. Ramon F Herrera

      [Arnaldo:] “the more [people try] to link Castro to Oswald, [the more] the CIA becomes suspicious of having taken part in the JFK assassination.”


      The best exponent of Arnaldo’s incisive reasoning, is this program:

      Just fast forward to 1:13′.

      Jack Anderson says: “Johnny Roselli told me the rest of the story. What he had left out was the most shocking revelation of all”.

      Roselli: “I never saw those guys again, but I heard that they were caught and tortured”.

      Roselli: “I guess Castro’s boys must be very persuasive […] They were sent back to kill Kennedy”.

      If Roselli had been telling the whole truth, how come he did not name names? Answer: He did not want to provide a trail to the CIA’s door.

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