What the American Scholar never learned about JFK

In responding to an article by Warren Commission staffers Howard Willens and Richard in The American Scholar, Gary Aguilar and Cyril Wecht make a point that defenders of the Warren Commission cannot refute–and therefore rarely address–because it is undeniably true.

With a day of JFK’s death, J. Edgar Hoover, a man who hated Kennedy and did not regret his violent death for even a minute, decided that Lee Oswald alone was guilty, and no other possibility was investigated.

Aguilar and Wecht write:

“It must be said that the FBI generally exhausted its resources in confirming the case against Oswald as the lone assassin,” the HSCA concluded, “a case that Director J. Edgar Hoover, at least, seemed determined to make within 24 hours of the assassination.” In essence, the experienced investigators concluded that Hoover had divined the solution to the crime before starting the inquiry, and then his agents confirmed the boss’s epiphany.

Unfortunately, the complete text of Willens and Mosk’s defense of the lone gunman theory is behind a paywall and not publicly accessible.

Read the JFK Facts interview with Howard Willens.

2 thoughts on “What the American Scholar never learned about JFK”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jeff.

    As it happens, the Willens/Mosk article is available for free at Willens’ site, here:


    I’d be interested in Willens’ response to it.

    I tried to post responses on his website and they appear on-line for a short while, then vanish. One would hope that a respected attorney who writes in a scholarly journal would welcome discussion of a topic he feels so strongly about.

  2. John Villeneuve

    Everyone knows that the JFK assassination is full of unknown facts and fallacies that, hopefully, will one day, all come to light. But I have to admit that, after reading so many comments posted here, it’s a conspiracy or it’s not.

    While most posters here agree there was some sort of conspiracy, you have people like John McAdams and the one who calls himself Proton, who bend over backwards trying to convince others it wasn’t.

    My question to them is: how do you know that your information is reliable? They quote the findings of the WC and HSCA as being gospel but, after all the evidence hidden or misplaced or outright destroyed over the years, could not the findings of these committees also be false?!
    They MUST admit that SO much information has been revealed to discredit the initial investigation as to make it confrontational!

    If some covert entity in 1963 had the means to prevent us from learning the truth THEN, what makes McAdams and Proton think this entity wouldn’t see it was prevented now?!

    You just can’t deny what was determined at Parkland. You just can’t deny the covering-up of crime scene evidence (cleaning the limo). You just can’t deny the shooting with a VERY faulty weapon. Etc, etc, etc.

    I hope we can put aside all this bickering and LEARN THE TRUTH!

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