The launch of the JFK Facts podcast

Its called JFK Facts Online. Each week Alan Dale and I will talk about the latest JFK news and developments. This week we talked about Mark Lane’s death, Dan Hardway’s deposition in Morley v. CIA and my upcoming book,

Listen to the first show here:


Download as MP3:

Click HERE; Place cursor on file; RIGHT click and select Save Audio As.


Got a question or a comment? Drop us a line here and we’ll talk about it on the show.


15 thoughts on “The launch of the JFK Facts podcast”

  1. Thank you gentlemen for a less than well received start.
    Though it still has great potential.
    Your efforts are appreciated by at least a few.
    Perhaps more will speak up in the future.
    Your fortitude is admirable.

    1. I called it stupendous in my other comment because it is
      While it is a bit tenuous in the initial version, understandably so in an experiment, but who am I to judge. Thanks.
      Oswald deserved to have council even after death for the sake of all of us.

  2. Tried 5 times on iPad but it cut off at different places within a few minutes, and sometimes starts over sometimes not.

    1. For anyone else that’s having technical trouble listening to this, I found that Safari on my Ipad does not work, but my Dell desktop with Google Chrome works as long as I don’t move or click the mouse. If you move or click the mouse while the program is playing, it will start over. (You can pause it with the Enter button on the keyboard with no cutoff.) The latest podcast seems to have all of these technical problems fixed as there’s no problem with it cutting off. I enjoy these very much, and I hope you can some day confirm or deny the purported remark by Ford that the WC did actually find a conspiracy.

  3. With Hardway declaration, I can imagine the faint outline of a compartmentalized CIA conspiracy:

    o Helms, Phillips, Joannides managing the pro-Castro sheep-dipping in NO

    o Angleton and his crowd planting the “WWWI virus” in MC

    o Harvey and Morales engineering the hit on the ground

    Obviously pure speculation on my part, and others have said it before. But from what the CIA has worked hard at covering up these many years, it points to this for me.

  4. Now this is something on this site I can get behind and enjoy. This is an entirely reasonable discussion in contrast to so much claptrap commenting made in bad faith on the main posts. Alan Dale’s interviews are always a treat.

    I don’t mind telling you I would have been ready to abandon JFKFacts as hopelessly disrupted and, at times even offensive, but content like this will keep me coming back.

    Good luck!

  5. Aaron Bourgoin

    Please have look at how this is posted. The podcast starts and runs for a minute or so and then re-starts. Listening to this on a Mac via Safari.’s podcasts have an option to download an mp3. for compatibility.

    1. “It cut out for me around the 3 minute mark.”~Bogman

      Hmm..I just listened to the whole thing without a glitch.

      Earlier I also downloaded Dan Hardway’s deposition in Morley v. CIA.

      The documented evidence in the appendix is most compelling and useful as well.
      I recommend the deposition and documentation highly.

      1. Yeah, worked for me later. Probably user error.

        The Hardway declaration is an incredible document to me.

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