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leslie sharp – May 20

RIP, Stephen Roy. You remind us of the immediacy. The Kennedy assassintion will either be relegated to history or it will remain in our consciousness as a cold case murder investigation. Our choice.

leslie sharp – May 24

The framing of Oswald was based around real events from his past, but modified and brought forward to help incriminate him. It also drew heavily on known historical cases. Someone (and I am sure I know who), had access to information about Oswald’s time in Minsk and knew a lot about past communist cases.

You can tear it down now, but I don’t know how you’ll justify that without knowing what evidence I have to support it all. The evidence will stand up.

He will produce the evidence in Lee Harvey Oswald’s Cold War, Volume 3. I look forward to it.’

— Stand Dane, Reopen the Kennedy Case

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