9 thoughts on “Investigators interview with TV reporter Judd McIlvain still sealed”

  1. We have a new resource. Let’s demonstrate it with an example.

    Those interested to know the destiny of the Mc Ilvain tapes should download this spreadsheet:


    Next, they should perform a search (“within workbook” option) for RIF No. 178-10004-10394.

    The result will be the Agency, page and line number in the list recently released by FOIA:


    The National Archives claim to have released 3,603 record numbers. Brian Bender says the number is 3,063.

    The real number is 3,568.


  2. Selected details on “open in full” McIlvain documents from the NARA database, http://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/search.html:
    178-10002-10085 (157-10011-10073): Belin to File, interview transcript (18 pp.), “Comments: Unmarked but may contain classified information.”
    135-10001-10037 (178-10002-10001): Belin to McIlvain (1 p., 5/30/75), “Subjects: Response to allegation of female courier delivering money to Oswald
    (Record numbers in parentheses seem to refer to duplicate copies.)

  3. There are other Mcilvain docs that are open and it appears the transcript of this is available -,which appears to be the case with many of these records. I am preparing a preliminary analysis of the entire list of withheld records and the issues it presents that I will be posting soon.

    Also note that I posted that at JFKCountercoup2 – my backup blog where I post important information that I generally refer to in articles I post at my primary blog – JFKCountercoup –

    Also note that John Barron – who wrote the book on the KGB and popularized the term “disinformation” came out of the same journalism school – and he may have gotten mixed up with Mockingbird or was one of David Phillips assets.

    More to come on this

  4. That is a strange one. How can the govt hold on to an interview with a media person? Isn’t that an infringement on freedom of the press? Wonder what McIlvain ever said about it.

  5. I read the Kelly link and unless I overlooked it, I don’t see anything in that article that’s even remotely related to the JFK murder.

    1. That’s not the point. You or I neither one have seen the comment’s in questionin. It’s what’s in the withheld information that might be important.

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