19 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s JFK theory”

  1. I think we ought to be asking the candidates a different question. Given the confused and contradictory way that the mainstream media has covered the JFK case, the only way to have an informed opinion is to immerse yourself in the literature for at least a few months. It’s probably unreasonable to expect any sitting politician (which, admittedly, Donald Trump isn’t) to take the time to do that.

    What we ought to ask all the candidates is this: Given the fact that the public remains uncertain who killed our president in 1963, do you favor the swift release of any and all classified documents relating to the assassination of JFK?

    1. Dan
      February 21, 2016 at 8:12 am

      “Alex Jones said this week on his show that Trump was recruited to run by leadership of the US military and intelligence.”

      I realize at times we have some strange “bed fellows” in politics but I have a hard time believing the military would invite Trump into the tent. Was there any support for this in the show?

  2. Who cares what this idiot Trump says or thinks? He is the most open fascist demagogue in the so-called “Presidential Race”.

    The office of the Presidency is a titular position chosen by the elites. Voting is a charade.

        1. Lets see if I have this right.
          1) The elites control the political process.
          2) The elites control the media.
          3) The media reports that the elites have lost control of the political process.
          4) You think they’re lying.
          5) Why would the elites lie about their own loss of power?
          6) 2016 is just plain weird.

          1. “5) Why would the elites lie about their own loss of power?”~JohnR

            > To give a false sense of gaining some measure of control.

            “6) 2016 is just plain weird.”~Ibid

            > Politics is ALWAYS plain weird. It is all contrived, which means it’s absolutely trivial.

  3. If certain elements in the intelligence community felt it necessary to kill the commander in chief, as seems likely from the evidence, what do you think they would do with President Donald Trump? Who would wear the black veil, like JBK? And would the riderless horse be paraded bassackwards down Pennsylvania Avenue?

    1. Ed. Speaking of the allegory you refer to could be interpreted by some as illegal as a result of Legislation after JFK’s death. Be careful what you say, freedom of speech is not truly free if it is interpreted as inciting an illegal activity. I don’t like Trump the Grump either, but the other choices are almost as bad.
      The horses were facing the correct direction. The boot’s were faced backwards per Military Tradition out of Respect.

  4. The way it’s worded, “I think he probably acted alone,” means he isn’t sure, he’s admitting it. This suggests an open mind, something lacking in others that post here.

  5. This is curious because Trump’s friend of over 30 years, and former political consultant, is Roger Stone, who wrote: The man who killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ. I suspect if you pressed Trump on this issue, or asked him to comment on Stone directly, we might get a different answer to this question than we currently have.

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