Green light for the ‘The Parkland Doctors’

Somebody asked me other day, “What happened to the documentary film project ‘The Parkland Doctors?”

I said I didn’t know. I had touted the crowd-funded documentary about the men who tried to save JFK’s life on November 22, 1963. I had interviewed producer Bill Garnet, a veteran of the TV business, who had met one of the Parkland doctors and was struck by their memories of that day and their honesty. So he set out to make a film.

Great idea but good luck. I heard nothing more for close to two years.

And yesterday I got an email update from Garnet via Indiegogo.

“We are happy to say that patience and determination have paid off and can now announce that we have secured the right deal for distribution for The Parkland Doctors and have found the perfect partner.

We have been asked to make a few tweaks to the film while they determine the best time for release.”

This is great news. The Hollywood feature film, “Parkland”  purported to tell the story of the men and women of the Dallas hospital on that fateful day. It was beautifully produced with period details but it wasn’t convincing as drama.

The trailer to the real-life story of “The Parkland Doctors” is much more compelling. I look forward to the completed film.

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