9 thoughts on “‘The Parkland Doctors’ get greenlighted by the crowd”

  1. Was this crowd-sourcing campaign nothing but a scam?
    They raised their $50,000 months ago-but the site is still up soliciting donations.
    Contributors were promised perks 6 months ago, then again 3 months ago. Nothing has been posted since the promise 3months ago.
    There is no movie.

      1. It was essentially completed when this scam started. They needed 50 grand to ” distribute” it by Nov. 2015. They got the money. No movie.

  2. Good. We need this film… Apparently/IMO, JFK was shot in the right temple w/ a frangible bullet resulting in a large exit wound up but also out his lower right skull behind the right ear. The President was leaning toward the 1st Lady (down and to his left) when hit… this trajectory, from right temple through to right occipital, implies the President was shot from the front in the area of the South Knoll. Perhaps shots heard at North (Grassy) knoll were a subterfuge as Panel truck on Commercial Street (see Z-film) either concealed a gunman, or obscured a gunman in the Post Office Parking lot…. Perhaps Umbrella Man and DCM were a distraction device to draw police (and other’s) attention away from the South Knoll at the moment of fire… Speculation aside, fact is no witnesses in the idling traffic on Commercial Street in front or behind that truck -all of whom had a front row seat to the murder- were interviewed by the Warren Commission or Dallas Police (If I am in error on this latter claim please chime in). Would like to know what those motorists saw or heard… Would like to re-stage the shooting with exact same limo config in position using laser site from South Knoll/P.O. lot and with panel truck and other pick-ups also in position…. Note as well the FBI re-enactment film gets it all wrong where stand-in for Kennedy turns head in opposite direction at time of head shot. The Z-film doesn’t show it that way. Lastly, if the Z-film was tampered with, it would be much easier to hide suspect elements (people, smoke, whatever) at the South Knoll than to alter the moment of head-shot image . IMO, we are too obsessed with frame 313, and haven’t probed the circumstances of Commercial Street and the South Knoll enough relative to the head wound that the Parkland doctors saw. Looking forward to seeing this film.

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