Let’s hear from ‘The Parkland Doctors;’ documentary seeks crowdfunding

I gave $63 on Indiegogo to support completion of this documentary, “The Parkland Doctors,” and so should you. Bringing together all these doctors to recount their experience in simple factual style will help complete and clarify the historical record of JFK’s assassination.

Source: JFK Assassination Documentary ‘Parkland Doctors’ Seeks Crowdfunding | Variety

9 thoughts on “Let’s hear from ‘The Parkland Doctors;’ documentary seeks crowdfunding”

  1. i donated too; also to the paine doc; both have been in limbo for several years now; the parklanddoctors.com website is defunct; it seems both docshave been bured; boughtout? scrubbed; hope we all forget; perhaps jeff could investigate and let us all know their current stats. possible release date; something isnt right

  2. I respectfully suggest that my (unanswered) question to David Lifton be asked of the medical sources here: how could damage inflicted on a corpse be made to appear like that done to a living person?

  3. This is my first post. I would like to bring something that I watched in Dr. McCelland’s interview that bothers me a bit. First he states that he entered Trauma Room One and was relieved to find that other Dr.s were ahead of him. I am a little bit wary of him stating that his position on the”type of wound” in JFK’s throat. How can he see it if the procedure was already in progress ( expanded the margins to insert apparatus)? In his interview on the 50th Anniversary he makes it confusing to actually follow what was going on when he tended to JFK.

    More troubling is this: Dr. McClelland states that he was 18 inches above the body as JFK lay on the gurney. He puts his hand behind his right ear to demonstrate its location and size. But the issue for me is that he states he saw the cerebellum fall out of the wound. How can this be true? If JFK has the exit wound where he puts it ( behind/back of his head) wouldn’t JFK’s injury ( as described by Dr. McClelland be literally CONTACTING THE GURNEY) and therefore not be visible since nothing was holding JFK’s head up off of that gurney.

    Simply put: Without x-ray vision no man standing or sitting or squatting would be able to witness anything coming out of any hole near the location where Dr. McClelland states he put the wound.

  4. I gave $63, please send link to your friends as
    These doctors are the closest we may get to
    The truth at Parkland.

  5. Sounds like the doctors are ready to go with what they saw-which should clarify that the Warren Report was the waste of time it was.

    1. Warren Report? Tom Hanks’ lone nutter film (Parklankland) was also a waste of time.
      Tom Hanks and the ‘modified limited hangout’ of ‘Parkland’https://jfkfacts.org/assassination/news/hanks-modifed-limited-hangout/

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