Expanding the JFK conversation for 2017

In light of recent developments, from Pizza-gate to President-elect Trump’s dismissal of the CIA’s daily briefings and its reported findings on Russian interference in the 2016 election, I want to expand the scope of the JFK Facts discussion to include these current events.

JFK documents withheld
Still secret JFK records, by agency

The point goal is not to engage in partisan politics around Trump. This blog welcomes people of all political points of view who are interested in the JFK story. I simply want to keep the question, “Will President Trump continue the JFK cover-up?” front and center from now until October 26, 2017.

Trump’s fondness for conspiracy theories and his emerging feud with the CIA may well shape  decisions to come about full JFK disclosure in 2017.

One reader called me yesterday to suggest that Vladmir Putin might favor full JFK disclosure as a way of implicating the CIA in the assassination of JFK and thus impugning America’s reputation for democratic government. I hadn’t thought of that but it is a possibility worth considering. If Trump is disdainful of CIA reporting he might favor full JFK disclosure, not for historical reasons, but to advance his geopolitical goal of better relations with Russia.

I hasten to add harming the CIA is NOT why I favor full JFK disclosure. On the contrary, I think full JFK disclosure will demonstrate control of secretive agencies like the CIA and FBI and redeem America’s oft-abused democratic traditions. A continental nation needs an intelligence service but it needs an intelligence service that obeys the law and the intent of Congress; that is accountable for past misdeeds; and that does not torture, kidnap or assassinate perceived enemies.

In any case, I welcome readers thoughts (and links) about: Trump and transparency, about Trump and the CIA; and about White House counsel to-be Donald McGahn, who may make key decisions about enforcement of the JFK Records Act;


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