Donald Trump and JFK transparency

My friend Bill H writes of a recent post on Donald Trump,

Jeff, that is one of the more vehement attack dog articles I have read in a long time. I chuckled at her opening sentence. But what the author had to say does not bother me nearly as much as seeing Jeff Morley redirect his focus to the “Trump is like Hitler” bandwagon. Let me know when you get back to JFK Facts.

Donald Trump
Trump on full JFK disclosure

Thanks for your thoughts Bill.

Let me assure you, I don’t think Trump is like Hitler. I think Trump is like, well, Trump: a serial bankruptee, prone to racist statements, who is indebted to unknown sources of foreign capital and who is largely uninterested in the details of the policy issues that face the chief of executive of the United States on a daily basis.

So, with all due respect to my friends and family who voted for Trump, I have to say that I doubt that man can or will carry out the duties of office in the manner of a Barack Obama or George W. Bush or a Bill Clinton or a George H.W. Bush.

Trump is more like a Ronald Reagan than any of those presidents. Reagan, however, was a well-read man who combined strong views with tactical flexibility. Trump is not well read. He has strong views. His tactical flexibility and ability to get things done is unknown. But, to your worry, no, I don’t think he’s Adolf Hitler. I think he’s Donald Trump.

Trump and JFK

I appreciate your focus Bill. Your message is a reminder that at JFK Facts, the only relevant issue that concerns us whether the Trump administration will commit to full JFK disclosure in October 2017, as recently urged by leading JFK authors and investigators. 

My friend, Roger Stone, a Trump confidante, agreed to sign his name to the letter, so I take that as a hopeful sign.

Stay tuned.




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