Dorothy Kilgallen on Jack Ruby

Dorothy Kilgallen was one of the first female syndicated columnist in U.S. newspapers after World War II. After JFK was killed she broke a big stories about Jack Ruby, the assassin of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

Dorothy Killgallen,

Dorothy Killgallen, crusading columnist

“The case is closed, is it? Well, I’d like to know how, in a big, smart town like Dallas, a man like Jack Ruby — owner of a strip tease honky tonk — can stroll in and out of police headquarters as if it was at a health club at a time when a small army of law enforcers is keeping a “tight security guard” on Oswald. Justice is a big rug. When you pull it out from under one man, a lot of others fall, too.”

Source: Dorothy Kilgallen tried to expose truth of JFK assassination – NY Daily News



  1. Paul Turner says:

    Her written statement about justice being like a rug was classic.

  2. John Villeneuve says:

    She once claimed she had a lot of info on the assassination…that she was “…gonna blow the case wide open”.
    She was quite the ‘intrepid reporter’ so I always wondered how much she did know.
    And her death reeks of murder rather than the suicide they claimed.

  3. Clarence Carlson says:

    Dorothy Kilgallen’s death is certainly odd. She was found dead lying in a bed in a room she never slept in, in clothing she didn’t usually sleep in, with her hairpiece and make up still on. There was a book lying next to her that she had just finished a few weeks before. She did not have her reading glasses with her. She was found to have a combination of alcohol and three different barbiturates were not particularly high but “enough” to cause death (i.e. not obviously an deliberate OD). Her notes on the JFK case went missing. She was on record as being skeptical of the official JFK assassination reports. Not sure what to make of it but it all seems odd.

  4. Bill Banks says:

    Longish commentary on Kilgallen’s death and a forthcoming book, which argues for the Mafia murder of herself and JFK.

  5. Dan Clark says:

    Richard Belzer discussed Kilgallen’s death in his book Hit List.

    To me outside of the circumstances described above there is the inconvenient truth that her notes were stolen. And then the other inconvenient truth that she duplicated her notes and was providing the duplicates to her best friend. Said friend was murdered within a week of Kilgallen and those duplicate notes were destroyed.

    Each time evidence disappears (see Beverly Oliver film, see Roscoe White original diary) or there are “suicides” that don’t add up (see, demorenschildt, G) the truth becomes more and more inconvenient for the truth deniers which at this point are the Company, the bureau and the secret service.

    This is why I’m skeptical they’ll release anything of value. They (CIA, FBI, ss) can likely be charged with obstruction of justice all these years later and possibly as accessories after the fact for destruction of evidence (Oliver film?, kilgallen notes? White diary) and/or stealing evidence and withholding it. What’s the punishment for obstruction in a capital murder case? What is the punishment for stealing or destroying evidence where treason has occurred?

    Maybe this case needs a high-profile lawyer to re-open an investigation. I’m thinking of one who has 18 exonerations under her belt.

  6. Bill Binnie says:

    The Age of Trump has taught a hard lesson that is being ignored by folks who yearn for closure for the JFKA- History is written by the winners- In a different man’s book, G Washington and A Lincoln are terrorists who slaughtered their own people- Facts are established by those who tell the story the masses want to hear- There is a significant portion of US citizens who are hard wired to believe the stories the Government tells them- The Government tells them of the lone nut gunman and they will believe it even if you show them home movies of the assassins in action- As we see with Trump, there is no amount of truth or reason which will dissuade a Trump supporter from backing this strange Svengali of a person- Roughly half the people in the world appear to be faith based, and they are some of the most integral beings in terms of human progress- But they will never be swayed to disbelieve the Government- And I am fairly certain that the men who run this country have no intension of compelling them otherwise-

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