Beware of Roger Stone

Andrea writes:

“You of all people Jefferson Morley should understand exactly who and what Roger Stone is and you should also understand your personal responsibility to educate the facts of who and what he is .

Richard Nixon and Roger Stone
Richard Nixon and Roger Stone

“Those facts would include who funded him since the 70s and how he manipulated our political elections for those who funded him for decades .Those facts would include his work with Richard Scaife and The Heritage Foundation which was Reagan’s Brain Trust .
“Those facts would include his use of cut outs and new trained ratfuckers that he trained in the same manner that Murray Chotiner and Roy Cohn trained him .

“Cut outs like your first commenter here Robert Morrow who has worked with Roger Stone to discredit the legacy of John Kennedy for years now .
“After Stone’s lifetime career of sabotage . dirty tricks and lobbying on behalf of the wealthy interests you claim to call attention to you are now suggesting that he will encourage transparency for this research?
“After Roger Stone spent his life and used all of your social media forums to rewrite the facts of Watergate and joined with the hatchet men of that administration like Colson and Magruder to move forward and create the political arm of the Christian Right that just completed their goal of destroying both political parties you suggest that he will be on your side?
“I used to respect your work Jefferson and thought you knew better.”

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