Was Richard Nixon was involved in a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy?

Question from a reader:

“.. Or at least knew of the plot involving Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, and Cubans associated with the Bay of Pigs project?”

No, I do not think Richard Nixon was involved in a conspiracy to assassinate JFK. There’s no credible evidence of that.  The “Nixon did it” theory is one of many baseless conspiracy theories that serve to confuse the public about the facts of the JFK story.

Nixon, it must be noted, did not entirely believe the official theory of JFK’s assassination. Otherwise, he would not have pressed CIA director Richard Helms for CIA documents about “the Who shot John? angle” to the Bay of Pigs story.

Howard Hunt did make some murky statements late in life about a CIA conspiracy but he specifically rejected the idea that Sturgis was involved. He said nothing about Nixon.


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